Styling Mantels Around TV’s

Good Morning all, today is DIY Challenge day.  This month we are sharing different ideas for styling around TV’s.  Thanks Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip for hosting this challenge every month.

7 Ways To Decorate Around a TV

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Our television is mounted on the wall over our fireplace.  Our  TV is large 60″ and I thought I would have a major problem making our mantel look pretty when we first designed this spot in our home.

I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t ask for anything.  When we were building our home he worked with our builder to make the TV be very functional over our mantel.  He didn’t want it to high so our necks would be uncomfortable.  I think we have all heard stories of this happening to someone we know.

There was no way I was going to say no to the one thing the man I love dearly and as I said, never asks for anything.

A TV over a fireplace can seem as a bit of  a challenge.  We also we have a sound bar but who doesn’t like a challenge, right? 


I tend to lean towards simplicity with decorating.  I have a collection of ironstone and use pieces that aren’t going to impede our vision of the screen.

Ironstone is also good for it’s color when using next to the TV so there’s no competing with the colors on the screen.  It has a soothing color and adds character and warmth.

I started in the middle and worked my way out this seems to work for me.  Placing a low wooden tray filled with green balls adds a touch of spring.  This allows for the sound bar to be turned on which is a must.


Next, I worked my added an ironstone pitcher on one corner and an ironstone double handle sugar bowl to the other. Adding the pink French antique books adds texture and interest, don’t you think?  Adding cherry blossom branches to both adds some height, spring and a touch of soft pink.


Adding a few shorter ironstone pitchers gives a tiered appearance.  





I hope this helps with a way for adding warmth and creating a soft mantel around what may seem like an awkward spot to decorate.

I know it’s a long ways off but I thought I would share a photo of how I tend to style our mantel for Christmas to give you an idea for down the road and you can Pin it for a reference. 


I Hope this is helpful for your future Christmas TV/Mantel, until next time..


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  1. Though I’ve had fireplaces, the mantels have been quite narrow making them very hard to style. They do offer such possibility.

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