Tiny Update

Today I’m sharing a quick easy update I made to a large artichoke finial I have had for many years. 

I didn’t care for the green color anymore and wanted a softer look.  Not wanting to cover all the green to have a bit of texture I decided to use my dry brushing technique.  I used Jolie paint in Swedish grey, it’s one of my favorite colors and is extremely versatile. 


Using a chip brush I began dry brushing, I have spoken about this for project in our dining room HERE, this is very quick, easy and has big impact.


Some spring updates are taking place at Cloches and Lavender.

 I hope this inspires you to make updates in an accessory in your home. I hope you are finding creativity during this time!

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French décor is a favorite, along with my passion for painting furniture. I love upcycling and giving pieces new life in my home. As I love to Cook and Bake, sharing a favorite recipe happens here too.

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