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Furniture Update

Hello my friends, during this time I am getting projects done, exercising and keeping busy.  We will get through this scary time, I truly believe we are an incredibly strong Country.

Today, I’m sharing a cabinet I repainted, this cabinet is over 20 years old, I’m hoping you’ll see how paint is magical,  I know I say this often but it’s true.

You will notice my painting has improved dramatically, don’t judge.  I look at these pictures and am amazed I left it this way.


A you can see painting began on the outside, thankfully I remembered to snap a photo.

Since we’ve been in this house it’s been in my husband’s office.   I knew I would repaint it and use it in a new spot I needed to figure out what I wanted to use this cabinet for and where.  I  love the lines of this piece and the legs.  I have a deep love for legs on furniture or anything footed in decorating accessories.

I used Jolie paint for my paint choice.  There was a sale and I have wanted to try Farmhouse Beige so I  purchased a quart, this color is a keeper. 

I wanted to add gilding and I didn’t want to go overboard.   I decided to use gilding wax around the glass and knobs.   The appliqué on the bottom I knew would always be gilded.



It’s filled with dishes and pieces of silver I enjoy seeing.

The tureen I found thrifting for $5 as well as the candlestick.   When I spotted the tureen, the soft blue drew me to it right away.  The candlestick has a mate which is fun and they can be used together or separately. 


An antique teacup saucer from my grandmother filled with dried rose buds and a crown add a romantic feel that I love. 


I hope with some of the painting projects I have been sharing it has shown you the beauty paint can add no matter the size of the piece.


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11 thoughts on “Furniture Update”

  1. Ok Girlfriend I am going to have to start calling you the furniture whisper!!! You have been doing amazing transformations with painting furniture pieces. Love this. The color is a keeper. Great job. Love it. Happy Monday. Have a great week.

  2. This transformation is amazing Cindy! I love the new color. I’ve never used that paint before so I’m excited to see how pretty it looks on this piece. You did such a great job! Hugs, CoCo

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