Crispy French Toast

Welcome to Cloches and Lavender, today I would like to share a recipe for crispy French toast.  Quite a few years ago my husband was at a breakfast meeting in Westchester, NY.  He came home and mentioned how great his breakfast was and if I could make something similar,

I was happy to give it a shot since I enjoy cooking and one of my favorite breakfasts is French toast.  This isn’t an every weekend breakfast since it’s sugar and carb overload but hey life’s short and you have to treat yourself sometimes.

Mentioning crispy I knew he was going to tell me the bread was coated with crumbs of some sort.  Cornflake crumbs it is but I thought I am going to add flavor to the crumbs.

I change it up depending on what mood I’m in that day.  I always use Organic spices.  I have used allspice, freshly grated Nutmeg mixed with cinnamon and in the fall I have used pumpkin pie spice with a dash of clove.   When  using clove use only a dash because clove is a strong spice.   Play around with it just use enough and combine well with the crumbs.


Let your griddle or pan get warm at this point on the flame on a medium heat.

Most times I use five eggs, add pure Vanilla extract to the eggs and beat them lightly to combine.  Dip a slice of bread in the egg.  I use Artisan bread by Sara Lee it is a tad thicker and comes in Brioche style which is perfect for French toast.



Make sure you let the excess egg fall from the bread and coat all sides with a layer of crumbs.  I like to pat the crumbs lightly on to the bread. 

By this time, your pan should be nice and warm.  Place a slice of bread into the pan and continue until all slices are warming.  Let each piece sit inside the pan until it gets a tad tan and then flip.


When the bread is almost ready I put syrup, any kind you choose and place some in a creamer and add a dash of cinnamon.  I place ours into the microwave for about 50 seconds to get nice and warm.


We enjoy this  on a weekend morning with some coffee when projects aren’t on the docket for that day.  Give this a try I think you will enjoy it very much.


Here’s a secret my grandmother used to do with leftover crumbs and eggs from making breaded chicken cutlets for my brother and me .  Same applies to the leftover crumbs and eggs if you would like to not waste anything leftover.

Mix the leftover egg with the crumbs if you have enough to form patties and they binned together well.  Warm them through and you enjoy with the syrup, it’s a great combination and nothing goes to waste.    I think that was the Italian in my grandmother or she wanted to spoil us because we stayed by her side while she cooked.

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