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Welcome to another Thrift Store Challenge hosted by Emily Le Cultivateur  and Tara Stilettos and Shiplap 

When at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago this old frame caught my eye.  I enjoy using frames in different ways, especially ornate old frames.

This large frame has pretty detail and I grabbed it for $10.  How could I not?

The frame back is old wood and is wrapped in it seems gilded gesso. Perfect for this French lover.



It’s missing gesso in a few places.  I used gold paint I had on hand and rubbed where pieces were missing, it wasn’t very noticeable, for me it adds charm.  Old pieces don’t have to always be perfect if you love them. It adds to their story.



Needless to say the frame needed some cleaning especially the back. I should have saved the rags after cleaning, filthy.

Once home and cleaned I loved her even more in her gilded color and she found her place displaying my boxwood wreath.  I think they make a wonderful couple, ha, ha.



Hope you gave great Monday!

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15 thoughts on “Thrifted Find”

    1. I love it and it was really hard to capture the entire area where it hangs but I love it.I tried 2 times to leave you a comment and couldn’t.   Am I missing it?Your project is amazing and great that you held on to the louver doors.  Use ithat shed!Thanks,Cindy

  1. Oh Cindy this is genius this looks so great. Love the wreath simple and pretty to let the frame shine. Great job girlfriend. Amazing re love of this frame.

  2. What a treasure you have found at a bargain price! You are so right about the lovely couple your frame and boxwood wreath make. Isn’t it amazing how the frame dresses up the wreath, and how your boxwood wreath really pops inside the frame!

  3. I LOVE that you saved and repurposed such a beautiful treasure. Pairing it with that lovely wreath is perfection! Great job, Cindy!

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