Simple Christmas Kitchen


I kept the Christmas decor simple in our kitchen because it’s connected to our great room.  I didn’t want it to look too cluttered and busy.

Placing a simple tree in my antique olive bucket gave it a rustic French feel.  I  added a coal scuttle filled with large pine cones, a few greens and a gilded artichoke to work with other pieces in our Christmas décor.  This adds warmth in this corner and may stay for the immediate winter season.


A cute visitor came to sniff and check out what I was doing.   Meet my Inspector,  Reeses, he has to approve all things new to any area of the house.  His sister Peanut came right behind him but scampers away when she sees the camera. 


On the other side of our eating area I added another simple tree in my French basket to add more texture. 


On the narrow table; I like the simplicity of the small evergreens with pine cones adding another layer of interest.  I nestled the tealight holders I made HERE to bring in more light.  The warmth and glow adds so much to this area and  makes it cozy for meals and visitors.







I had to add this adorable picture of Reeses.  He’s laying near the oven waiting for my roasted butternut squash to finish.  I can’t stand it, he’s so cute!


I’m getting our dining room ready for Christmas eve which we host.  Are you ready for the big day?

12 thoughts on “Simple Christmas Kitchen”

  1. Reeses is soooo adorable. I love your pretty decor and the tree in this cute french basket it really sweet. Glad you are enjoying getting ready for the big day.

  2. Your home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas. I love your trees in their French containers and especially the coal scuttle filled with pine cones. Reeses looks quite content napping where all good things are prepared! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year Cindy! Your home was so beautifully decorated for Christmas, and I especially loved sweet Reeses in the pictures, what a darling! I’m glad that Peanut is feeling better too. I hope you had a lovely Christmas season, and pray sweet blessings for you in the New Year!

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