Lavender/Lemon Dreams

Lavender and lemons seem to be a beautiful combination toward the tail end of the summer season.  It being August our brains at times aren’t sure which direction we should be going.


The weather says it’s summer however, it can’t be denied that the days are getting a tad shorter.  Noticeable during the different times of day the shadows indoors start to change.


Adds on television let  us know that back to school isn’t far away.  Some places in the Country are already back to the grind.


Catalogs are having there summer sales.  Coffee flavors are changing and pumpkin is beginning to peek around the corner.  


Stores are beginning to bring the autumn decorations out for us to decide if we are ready to make the leap to a new season.


For me personally, I love the change of season and I look forward to all the smells that will be around during the chilly days t hat are upon us.



I love pumpkin flavored coffee and my candles filled with fall spices burning with glorious scents that fills the house.


However, as I get older, I seem to want to spend the last of the season not running towards what is upon us but,


I want to enjoy the smells of beautiful lavender and fresh lemons for a bit longer.


Enjoy the rest of your week and hope you are staying in the moment too.

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26 thoughts on “Lavender/Lemon Dreams”

  1. I am holding on to summer for dear life. I feel like I missed a lot of summer with the move. I am a summer girl and love this time of year. Your lemon and lavender is gorgeous together. Happy Wednesday.


  2. Two of my favorites in one post – lemons and lavender! How beautiful to pair them together. I’m holding on to summer to the bitter end, even though I do love fall!


  3. I’m not one for rushing the seasons. Seeing pumpkins and fall decor in the stores seems to happen earlier and earlier.

    Our best summer days will last far beyond the actual end of summer – still more than a month away. Late September and October are my favorite months for weather.

    Have a lovely summer day.


  4. I think I have that exact same pitcher on my dining room buffet.

    Each season brings its special gifts. For us, summer will be a bit longer than for y’all (didn’t take me long to get the southern lingo lol), but Fall is my favorite time of year as well.



  5. I’ve felt a slight change in the air, but I’m ignoring it until I have no choice. Summer is my favorite season and in my neck of the woods, it’s way, way too short!! And I love purple and yellow together!


  6. I love the lavender you have all around. I’m addicted to lavender too, inside and outside my home and I haven’t been mixing lemons in with my lavender but I’m going to have to start. Now let’s talk about that pitcher!!!! Girl! It’s stunning!


  7. I feel the same way you do and want to stay in the moment and not rush the seasons! I’m one who looks for a bathing suit in July! I haven’t cut the blooms off my lavender and need to bring inside! I also like making lavender oil with the leaves. I do love the harvesting part of this time of year,


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