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Hello all,

Some of you know that our girl Peanut got glaucoma in her one eye about a year ago.  Her pressure was doing well up to a few weeks ago.  For dogs when the pressure is at the level Peanut’s was at it feels as though they have a migraine.

The specialist advised us to think about having a procedure done but it’s not an emergency.  Well, we went home and I said to my husband, I don’t know about you but I don’t like having a headache for an hour.

We decided to have a procedure done where the doctor uses a needle and kills the glaucoma.  We liked this for two reasons:

It’s noninvasive and recovery time is two  weeks.

The other, Peanut would not lose her eye and her losing her eye was never an option for us.  As most dog lovers know these are our babies and they get taken care as fast as possible.


Thursday before Memorial Day weekend we had the procedure done.  Cute part of the story, her brother Reeses was not to happy his sister left with his daddy and didn’t come home when he did.  They have not been separated since birth.  They got fixed the same day and dental cleanings the same day.  They are very attached and that is putting it mildly.

We picked her up about two o’clock that day and she and her brother were so happy to see each other. 

Many ointments, drops and antibiotics have been given.

I don’t know what Peanut’s pressure is but she is so happy and so are we.  We wish we did this sooner.  We didn’t realize how much this affected her until a few days after the procedure.   She’s a real lover and snuggler especially with me.  She is back to herself and not sleeping so much.  She’s chasing her brother around like a lunatic every morning which stopped prior to the procedure.  It’s hysterical watching them.

Deck news, John finished our deck and it’s beautiful.  The Trex we chose has some black running through it and is why I decided to have the spindles black painted black. This weekend we will be adding the pretties.  A rug, flower pots, chairs etc.  Here’ a look.


Before I go, I’m  thinking of anyone going through these horrible tornadoes.  My thoughts are with you.  I’ll see you next week. 

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  1. Hi Amy it’s hard when something is wrong with them. Don’t you wish they could say yes and no at least? Hope Sadie feels better soon.

    I love our deck. Have to finish planting tonight.

    Enjoy your day


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