Pumpkins on the Porch

The past week fall has made its presence known and I couldn’t be happier.  Days have been nice and cool with the evenings having that chill and smell in the air.

Can you relate?  Do you notice during fall there’s a certain smell outdoors?  Between the crisp air, leaves and grass it has a certain aroma, you know?



I have a request, ignore our bottom step, please.  The summer was very wet and humid and left this attractive mess on our bottom step.  John said, no way am I power washing until these pumpkins come off the porch.  So, pretend perfection instead of real life, wink.

Let’s get back to our enjoyable thoughts shall we??  


Friday morning was our first light frost.  I have to say I enjoy seeing frost in the morning.  When the sun comes around in the early mornings I enjoy seeing the shine on the grass.

This also brings memories back of walking to grammar school.  Oh the days when parents didn’t have to worry when kids walked to school.



These cooler days are getting me in the mood for making chicken pot pie, beef stew and a favorite creamy polenta.



Reeses and Peanut are enjoying the weather too.  A few days have been breezy and leaves are falling and they love running and catching them.  I would love to be able to snap a picture but they move so fast it’s hard to get.



Here’s hoping these cooler days stick around.  Hope you are enjoying some fall weather where you live.





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