Fall Love and a Lucky WINNER!!

Happy October everyone! We had two days of beautiful weather over the weekend.  

I decided it was time to go and hunt for some pumpkins.  I decided this year I wouldn’t purchase mums.  I usually love buying them with the buds closed in anticipation of them opening to show their fall beauty.



As much as I love mums and they are inexpensive I decided to not feature them this fall.  Reason, they fade and die to quickly for me.  Most of the time I’m praying they make it until Halloween.


The weather in NJ temperature wise can change in an instant.  One week upper 70’s low 80’s and couple of weeks  cold evenings.  I know, mums last until the first frost, ha, they do.


Most times the weather doesn’t work with us but against us, so this year I decided to use Kale and pumpkins for our porch and driveway areas and we will be working on that this weekend.  I have never used Kale but love it.  I can’t believe the different varieties so if this goes well next year pumpkins and more Kale.

For the most part I tend to be drawn to the softer side of fall.  Not white everywhere but the muted green gourds and peach and brownish gourds are used outside.  

I have loved these colors my entire adult life.


Somewhat odd, maybe to some considering in nature the brighter and more vivid the leaves are in fall the more my heart sings.

I’m in awe of what Mother Nature brings us in northern NJ.  Where we live no one has to take a trip further up the Northeast to see beauty at fall.  Don’t get me wrong it’s stunning up there during fall.

We have been to Vermont and many times to Newport RI.  A girl loves going to these areas not just for beauty but antiquing is amazing up in that area.                                                        


This girl has lived in NJ her entire life and I love it even though it’s expensive, congested in some areas and according to some we have horrible accents.


I wouldn’t live anywhere else, EVER.  Why, my family which I love, our friends which we love wouldn’t be within 13 minutes at the most away.  That’s why.


The lucky winner of the giveaway is Carol from Art & Sand, Congratulations!  Carol email me your address and I will ship your beautiful book.

Enjoy your week and hope you are enjoying some fall happiness.

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