Fall Snippets and a Giveaway!!!

Yes, that’s right, showing fall snippets and a GIVEAWAY!!

On my Instagram page I mentioned I bought Nora Murphy’s book.

First, fall weather has shown itself today with wonderful temperatures, cool breezes and sunshine. 

Notice the wooden acorn?  The acorn branch preserved in an old piece of crackled glass that has been in my life for ages.  

These pieces hold special places in my heart.  The glass was my mom’s which means so much to me.  It reminds me how lucky I was to have her for a mom who loved her family above all.  Great memories.


For me the beginning of fall always says acorns.  I have a love of these little gifts Mother Nature gave us at our old home.  Living there for twenty years and making the decision to downsize I knew I had to bring these beauties with me.


We moved 13 minutes down from our old place.  My bestie Audrey still lives there and she loves acorns.  So what to do, put her to task.  Many know about my MS.  Being in the mountains was not safe for me to walk outdoors anymore.

Audrey is the best hunter for acorns.  The oak trees up there give us plenty of acorns.  The squirrels and chipmunks harvest these for the winter.


At times they have dropped them on our heads over the years.  It was a super harvest that year.  Collecting began, then washing and baking took place before spraying with coats of polyurethane.

Even small twigs with acorns still intact were found.  Look at the beauty in the cradle where a butter knife should be held.  I purchased the antique butter dish weeks ago at a great price.  I knew acorns would fill the dish  from older days that have seen it’s beauty on a table with families enjoying meals together.


Apples that are crisp is a wonderful beginning of the season.  A deep pink votive with candlelight to give the sign cozy days are ahead.

Now, time for the Giveaway.  I inadvertently purchased another copy of Nora Murphy’s book.  This book is fantastic.  She takes you on her journey of her beautiful home My Country House.

This book also takes you to other beautiful homes and blogs.  One is in the Mountains, the Sea, the City and the Woods.

Every story speaks about how they discovered their own style and decorating beauty.  This will not disappoint.



To enter, follow my blog, Instagram page and leave a comment about wanting this book.  I will have John, my husband pick a name out of a hat.  You will have until October 4th to enter.



Have a wonderful day and I hope you’re enjoying some Fall.

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