Country to French Country

This cabinet has been with us for 20 years.  Moving to our new home I knew I was going to make tweaks here and there to some furniture pieces and this was definitely on the list.


I painted the piece years ago and as you can see it had tin panels.  I had different décor when we made the purchase.  I wanted to take our new place in more of a French/French Country direction.

I enjoy this style for many reasons.  I enjoy a bit of formal with a relaxed feel.  I don’t want anyone including us to be afraid to relax and enjoy being in our home.

In my last post HERE I showed the update we made to our fifth wall, ceiling, in our great room.  I added a bit more visual appeal to what would be a plain ceiling by giving it more of a WOW factor.

Now to the cabinet, John, besides being my wonderful husband is my handyman cut pieces from thin plywood to fit over the tin.


I painted the pieces slightly lighter than the cabinet base.

I had the appliques that I planned to use on another project for my office.  John and I decided that piece was not going to work while we were making over my office.  I will discuss the changes to my office in another post.

First, I painted these using the lighter color on the panels.  I mixed gilding wax in gold and silver. To give me a deeper look.  I did a heavy dry brush leaving some of the yellow color in the grooves.


After John glued these on and taped with blue painters tape overnight I did a light wash of raw umber mixed with water to add more age.  I also gilded the knobs and the upper and lower trim.  I felt it would make the piece look more cohesive.





As you can see, from the pictures, the décor next to and on top of the cabinet did a switch.  Reason, NJ has had an awful summer.  Taking photos has been tough stuff.  It has been cloudy, hot and humid almost all summer long.  This made it impossible to take photos one of the biggest reasons I haven’t posted in a longtime .

I feel bad complaining knowing the horrible circumstances happening in the Southeast .  My heart and prayers are with everyone going through this horrific time.  

I’m going to take advantage of the sun to take pictures of my fall decorating I started.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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