I do love crowns.  I have many scattered around our home.  I see one I love and I can’t help myself.


I am enamored with the Royal family.  I think it started with Diana.  I loved her for so many reasons. 

I am pretty sure we can all agree, the Royal wedding was wonderful.

DSC_0001 edited2

Megan’s dress was amazing as well as her veil.  Don’t even get me started on the “tiara”.  My husband and I joked that may be the reason for my love of crowns.  I’m waiting for my own “tiara”

Stand by Me was beautiful, The children being the wedding party was such a great choice and they were all precious.  Princess Charlotte couldn’t stop waiving and don’t get me started with the cheeks on this beauty.

DSC_0049 edited


The minister was a great addition too. There was even a bit of laughter as he was speaking.


I loved that they chose the smaller carriage and you could see the happiness on their faces.

Megan’s dress she changed into was beautiful also. 

DSC_0033 edited


I wish the couple much happiness.

DSC_0057 edited

Everyone have a super rest of the week.  Memorial Day weekend, how’s that happening already?

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