Good Monday morning, the sun has been shining since Saturday, miracle, LOL. 

For us, this is a big week.  Not only is it Easter, but baseball season opening day for the NY Mets is this Thursday.  That day is a tradition for John and I.  We start grilling season and watch the game.

I did some moving of heads so to speak.  When replacing my cow head over the range hood HERE I had to find a new place for her. She was from Décor Steals. 

As most of you know she is a brownish color.  I did a wash of chalk paint in Old Ochre mixed with some water.  I dipped the brush in the mixture and brushed  it around and then blended it with a rag.  It blends in with our décor better and everyone that has seen her so far loves the change.


In this side shot you can see the texture it adds.  In some spots the paint is a bit heavier.  I basically let the paint do the work.  I am very happy with how this looks. There is chalkboard sign below but I wanted to focus just on her for now.

Next, is a picture of another head swap.  I took my sheep head that was over where the cow is now and moved her to the other side of the kitchen.  She replaced a boxwood wreath I had hanging there since we moved into our home.  I am loving the change.



It’s a little tough to get this shot in our kitchen.  To get it head on the chandelier is in the way for a clear view.


These dishes I purchased years ago in an antique shop in NJ.


Here’s a side view.  You get a better idea with this one.


These gates I have had for around 15 years and they are from the old Home Decorators Collection before they merged with Home Depot.

Have a wonderful start to your week.  Cloudy Thursday but 60, big for us.

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