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French Addition


Hello everyone, still cold and windy in NJ.  Hoping some warmer sunny days will arrive soon.

I decided to make a few changes in the kitchen.  Today, I am going to share a French sign I made for my oven hood.

I moved my cow head to a new spot I will show you another day.


Isn’t she pretty?  John cut the wood to fit perfectly.  If anyone has interest in a custom one let me know through my shop.


This is the project we are currently working on.  John has been so great going into a chilly garage to do carpentry work.  I made him get a portable ceramic heater and he said it works great.


Lots of painting and fine tuning to be done this weekend.  I will be showing this soon in my office.  We took our time with my office because some decision needed to be made.  As you can see, I get beautiful afternoon sun.


These two cuties are waiting for the warm weather to play outside.  They are loosing their patience big time!

Have a great rest of the week.

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15 thoughts on “French Addition”

  1. Ohhhhhh….now I wish I was going to have a vent hood like yours so I could do what you did! Looks so pretty!

    Your hubby has some serious skills. The desk is NOT an easy project. He’s a keeper :).



  2. Cindy, that is absolutely darling! You do such beautiful work, and your hubby is a true sweetheart. Love your little pooches too!


  3. Can you tell me where I can purchase the exact same sign? I have been looking all over the internet for this same sign. Thank you


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