Hello everyone, it’s been since December 27th that I last posted.  I missed posting, but I had to get  a few things taken care of first.  You may say what?  I am here to tell the story.  It may be long but hang in there with me.

For some time, before the holidays, I started experiencing issues with my back and core.  I experienced tightness which was causing me to have problems walking.  I suffered through and went to the Neurologist and he said, you feel as though you have a corset on and it is being pulled tighter and tighter.  I said YES!

At times with MS it is hard to explain what is going on with your body.  After all these years, I should have known the doctor would, but instead I suffered.  I figured there was nothing he could do.  He said, Cindy I am going to give you medications to help with this issue.  What relief I felt.  It has taken some time and tweaking my meds, but slowly I think we are getting there.

Next issue, pain in my lower back.  I started wondering whether the brace that many of you are familiar with, could be the cause?    To make a very long story short,  John noticed I wasn’t walking right anymore.  Then, my dad mentioned it to me.  It took months for me to act, out of fear, maybe, out of being stubborn maybe a bit.

I finally made a  phone call to the office that made the brace and they said yes, it is a real possibility.  Okay, I make an appointment to get this checked out and the brace wasn’t working anymore.  I say okay, what are my options.  Well, the answer Cindy didn’t expect to hear was a WAY more intrusive brace.  I’m talking major.  I said to John NO WAY!!!  I can’t do it, 20 some years of this is enough, I’m tired. 

One thing I never try to do is feel defeated and give up.  For a few days I did, but then I said give me my tablet and I started doing some searching for braces for MS.  Then, this happened.

I found a device named Walkaide.  HERE   I went on their website and I couldn’t believe what I was reading and seeing.  I picked up the phone and told John, Audrey and my stepmom Gail.



The more research I did reading and watching YouTube videos real hope started happening.  By the way, first time I ever watched YouTube, LOL.  The women they were showing looked just like me and the improvement was amazing, I mean TRULY amazing.  Everyone close to me checked out the site and were encouraged.  I knew I had to make the call.

This device was originally designed for stroke victims and they slowly realized it helps anyone with drop foot for an illness and/or accident.

I called a Hanger Clinic in NJ, and made an appointment.  When I got there and mentioned how long I had MS I noticed by the mans facial expressions, he wasn’t sure if this would work even though it wasn’t said.  He had to test one on me and hook it up to a lap top computer.  This is set up for your exact needs.

We get started, the device moved my ankle in a way that hasn’t happened in 10 years.  John and I were amazed.  I said, it’s going to work, he said we have to see.  Made an adjustment and again my foot moved in a fashion that hasn’t happened in years.  I said OMG it’s going to work?  He said closer and then he wanted me to walk.  I walked and we could not believe it was working. 

They let me take the device home for a month for a free trial.  We could not believe how it worked.  I noticed I was still getting pain in my lower back.


John said, I believe the brace ruined your posture.  My dad, the same thing.  Next step, go to Google and Pinterest to look around.  Turns out I have something called Lordosis, I looked at the exercises and chuckled.  These are many I did in the gym years ago.

I began doing these.  I do them everyday along with my Pilates. 

The one thing I have taken from this is the doctor is correct , with MS you can NEVER stretch enough.  The improvement has been slow.  Not nearly as fast as I would like but I do it everyday.  The beginning was a surprise to me.  I figured I’ve been doing Pilates a long time, why am I not more flexible?  These stretches are very important for flexibility.

I’ve been going to the clinic often for what they call tune-ups.  They mentioned that the exercising  I’ve been doing is probably what made the Walkaide possible.

Walking and getting stronger has been my main focus.  Am I where I want to be, NO.  Will I get where I WANT to be, maybe not.  I’m going to keep working my butt off seven days a week an hour a day doing what I have to do.

If I can help ONE person with this detailed post I will be thrilled.  I want let someone realize there is HOPE.

Another lesson, I LOVE blogging.  Blogging and posting has to fit into my life not the other way around.  I have limitations and that is the way it is forever.  Posting will be up and running, furniture transformations are on the list.

I will  also be sharing cooking, baking and of course my ANGELS sent from up above, Peanut and Reeses. 

I will be visiting everyone and reading.  I have so much catching up to do.  I may not comment but will read as much as I can.

If you hung in there with me, I thank you.  If you have an illness where any of this can help, you have to fit these stretches in your life and find what works for you.  Take the time, the difference may not be immediate but will  HAPPEN.  And, MAKE the call.

To my John, thanks for always sticking it out, I love you.  The rest of my support system,  thank you for being my family.