Look What Santa Brought

We are just taking over mammas blog for a few.  We wanted to show you what we got from Santa.

Aren’t these neat to keep us warm for those cold days?


We are looking at Momma for our picture.  Peanut is always on her back waiting for belly rubs.

I’m liking the argyle and Peanut is happy with her animal print.

DSC_0086_wm DSC_0089_wm

We are waiting for our string beans being cut.  We have to eat these to keep us healthy.

After we ate we went outside for our friend Allie to see our presents.  We bark at her and she always barks back to say HELLO.




This is my favorite spot on daddy.


I’m sorry, I have to say goodbye, I’m tired from posing.  I’m sleeping in my favorite spot on daddy. 

See you soon!


26 thoughts on “Look What Santa Brought”

  1. Oh my gosh, you two are just the cutest ever! You are both looking so stylish in your argyle and leopard print, I think you need to give me some fashion pointers:)
    Sounds like you had a great Christmas!
    Katie says to tell you “bone-jour, y’all””


  2. Awwww……. they are so sweet! I love their pretty sweaters. My dog is sleeping beside me as I write this too. Wouldn’t life be dull without our precious fur babies?


  3. Peanut, you are rockin’ that animal print (don’t tell Reese’s I’m partial to your coat. You know how boys can be). And I wish I was there to give you belly rubs…I’m a sucker for any pooch on their back ;).

    I’m glad Santa was good to you both because you’re so adorable and deserve every goodie you can get…even string beans lol.


    P.S. Please tell mommy I’m sorry I haven’t visited lately. The internet where we are is not great, to say the least, even though we purchased a hot spot :(. Hope you all have a happy new year! WOOF!!


    1. Hi Doreen, thanks for checking on me. You always touch my heart. I’m going through some struggles with my MS. I had issues with core tightness and had to get my meds straight.

      I also noticed my brace hasn’t been helping me walk. I have to get a different one and I’m trying to wrap my brain around it so I’m having a hard time. Thank God for John, my pups and my family.

      I haven’t had the heart and concentration to post. I’m not feeling sorry for myself, not my style. I’m frightened and I want to get myself situated.

      I will be back but right now I need to take care of myself, John and the pups. That’s all I can handle

      Thank you so much, you made cry but happy cry



      1. I was about to contact Amy to see if she knew anything but decided to come here first. (I didn’t click the little notify box).

        So sorry to hear things have been difficult. You’re doing the right thing by taking it easy though. Hope you’re better soon!



        1. Say a big prayer March 14th I’m going to see if a product Walkaide will work for me. If it does it will be a bigger game changer than my brace was. I found it while searching braces for footdrop for MS. When we researched the site our jaws dropped. Say a big prayer please

          You’re the only one that noticed I’ve been missing, lol



  4. Hi Cindy, I haven’t seen you around lately, so I thought I will stop by to check how you doing. I’m so sorry to know that you are going through difficult times and I hope you hear some good news, soon! All the best for next week! Keeping you in my prayers ~ warm hugs, Poppy. By the way, Peanut and Reeses are sooo adorable 🙂


    1. Poppy, I’m very touched you would think of me. It’s been a bit of a tough time. I have great hope for the Walkaide. Thank God for my husband and pups.

      They have been keeping me focused on the simple things that bring me happiness.

      Thanks for the prayers. I’m praying very hard this works. It has the ability to change my life in ways you can’t imagine



    1. Hi, Poppy, thanks very much for checking in, I’m touched. The Walkaid is working. I haven’t posted yet. I virtually have to learn to build to walk again.

      The brace I was wearing did damage to my posture. I’ve been concentrating on walking and doing many exercises for my back again for checking on.

      Thank you again for checking on me. I’m touched more than you can imagine.



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