We are just taking over mammas blog for a few.  We wanted to show you what we got from Santa.

Aren’t these neat to keep us warm for those cold days?


We are looking at Momma for our picture.  Peanut is always on her back waiting for belly rubs.

I’m liking the argyle and Peanut is happy with her animal print.

DSC_0086_wm DSC_0089_wm

We are waiting for our string beans being cut.  We have to eat these to keep us healthy.

After we ate we went outside for our friend Allie to see our presents.  We bark at her and she always barks back to say HELLO.




This is my favorite spot on daddy.


I’m sorry, I have to say goodbye, I’m tired from posing.  I’m sleeping in my favorite spot on daddy. 

See you soon!