Time is going fast and I still haven’t finished posting and I would like to get my posts in about the cookies I baked this year.  I guess, I have to take a deep breath and relax, I have another week.

Today is kitchen day so, here we go, I kept our centerpiece pretty simple this year.  Our kitchen is French Country/Farmhouse. 


My Décor Steals wood tray I filled with greens, pinecones, pewter bead picks and another battery operated candle.  Sorry, I didn’t take a picture with the candle lit but you can use your imagination. 



These battery operated candles have a frosting, I love the way they look.


As you may have noticed, the backs of the chairs have small boxwood wreathes with pretty red ribbon.  I purchased these years ago from Ballard.

I forgot to let everyone know that we bought new chairs with our Overstock gift card.  You may remember, the chairs that we had I was going to paint but once the gift card was mine plans changed.  I have been wanting these chairs for a very long time.  We purchased four, LOVE THEM!!!!!!


The black side table I filled with many items I adore, French books I bought on Etsy along with Bottle brush trees. 

The tray is from The Painted Fox.  I am in love with so many items they have and put some on my Christmas list so, fingers crossed for Santa.

I placed a small bottle brush tree on top of my books inside a Nikko Christmas espresso cup. 

Along side, I placed an old wooden tag, adore the girl building the snowman.

I use this small brown toile cake stand often, it’s one of my favorite pieces. 

The old world ornaments are from a shop in NJ that Audrey and I pop into every Christmas.  I’m going to try and remember to take pictures next year it is a beautiful place to visit and find goodies.




Aren’t these pretty?


This large glass piece I purchased at Home Goods and the price was so great I bought two of them.  It’s filled with beaded silver pears from Pottery Barn and a piece of greenery to make it look more finished and festive.


Quite a few years ago I purchased this Bethany Lowe tree.  It was a set and the other you will see on our bookcase in the great room.  I adore the vintage small balls.  I placed this in a box from Home Goods with red transferware dishes to anchor the look.

Beside this table is a small lighted tree in an urn that we bought many years ago.




The small wreath is a blank which is from Balsam Hill with a small red top hat just nestled inside, for a bit of whimsy.


On the other side, many of you may remember my metal ladder I purchased from Magnolia Farms.   Along with the fabric I hung my antique bells I received as a Christmas gift.




The wreath hanging from my old kitchen cabinet door I purchased from Rosemary at Villabarnes.

Below is a wooden crate which John found free at our liquor store.  I was so excited because the plan was to sand and stain the box to make it look old since the date was 2009. 

Well, that didn’t workout the way I planned.  After John started to sand it for me the graphic came right off.  We were laughing because how naïve, we thought it was embossed, LOL.

New plan, get a French stencil and use zinc colored craft paint.  I didn’t want it deep black and I didn’t want the stencil to be perfect.


Here’s another story  I hope will give you a chuckle. 

Notice the large pinecones???  We bought them at Michael’s and John removed the labels before I read them. 

So, Cindy decides to add her goodies inside  as I have the Christmas music playing in the background. 

I’m adding my pinecones, wreath and greenery.  I looked, did some rearranging and noticed my hands were tacky so, I went to the sink to wash them like any normal person.  I washed them really well, went for paper towels and as I am drying my hands the towels are sticking to me.





Didn’t mean to leave you hanging but I had to get some pictures in, LOL. 

As the towels are attached to my fingers, a light went off in my head.  I yelled, OMG, THIS IS LIKE CHEVY CHASE IN CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! 

Now everyone that has watched this movie remembers him in bed with the magazine and the pages sticking to him and flicking on to Beverly D’Angelo after cutting down their HUGE Christmas tree.  That was this moment!




Now, remember, I’m alone with Peanut and Reeses on the floor across from me.  They are looking at me with the expression, what is wrong with Momma??? 




I said out loud, it is SAP and used straight Palmolive Liquid and rubbed and rinsed, nothing.  So,

DSC_0107_wm DSC_0104_wm DSC_0099_wm

I grabbed my Dobie sponge and started rubbing with the scrubby part to get the rest off.  I’m telling you this lasted 10 minutes or more.

I finally got all the sap off and said out loud to the pups, I’m calling Daddy to tell him what just happened, he will chuckle. 

I called and told him, he chuckled AND,  He says, Oh yeah I forgot to mention the tag said to be careful of sap and DO NOT place on painted surfaces since this product continues to leak sap.  Mentioning this would have been helpful, LOL.  So a NOTE, make sure you read labels before husbands remove, LOL.

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