A bit of a warm-up today  70’s in NJ, nothing to severe.  It cools down again Thursday evening which I love, it makes the fall colors that much brighter to me.

The NY Mets have the chance to clinch a spot for the World Series tonight, YAY!!!!  Happy dance happening around here!!

Let’s talk dining room, I showed the buffet that I redid the other day. 

Today, I wanted to show this again,  Two reasons, one I wanted to mention how doing some repurposing on these buffet lamps has given me a different look I wanted to accomplish. 

I purchased new shades in a brown silkish fabric, I think I just made up a word???  By doing this I accomplished two things.

First, the lamp change added warmth and an age quality.  Second, the shades make the landscape oil painting purchased years ago bring out warm tones in the painting. 

The next picture I will show,  known as a no, no in Blogland, shows the buffet lit at night and the cast of the glow and warmth of the painting with the small vignette.  Pretty, right?

DSC_0003 (2)_wm

DSC_0005 (2)_wm

Now, on to the dining room table decorated for fall.  I chose to keep it simple this year, I used a tarnished silver plate bowl I purchased from Susan over at Must Love Junk.  She has a wonderful Etsy shop, you should check it out.

The plan, filling the bowl with a Mercury Glass pedestal I have which is part of a Cloche.  I added dried Hydrangea I have been using around the house. 

I purchased two small sets of velvet pumpkins from Amazon this fall.   The colors to work in the dining room and the great room coffee table.  More on that purchase in another post. 

I think they look pretty and  add a whimsical feel.  I added a plain grapevine wreath underneath for texture and some acorns were also added.


Where are the acorns from you may wonder, real or fake??  Answer, real and from our old neighborhood.  Our old neighborhood is filled with oak trees and Audrey brought my love of acorns to life.

I didn’t know how much I loved these until living with Audrey while building the house.  She has always loved them so it caught on with me in a big way.  So what does your best friend do, why of course walk around and collect you 100 or so acorns.  Now that is a BEST friend!  She brought them down to me and even washed them for me.  Believe that???  She knew my hands couldn’t hold on to these tiny acorns and wash them one by one.  Yes, one by one.  She wanted to save John from the job and he thanks her very much! 

I will post a picture of the acorns in my Great room post decorated for fall. 



Details of the silver bowl.

Taking these pictures made me realize I haven’t taken a close up of these lanterns we use all the time on our table.  A purchase from Pottery Barn many years ago.  I use a battery operated flameless candle inside.



Close-up of details.


From the chandelier I hung brown Mercury glass acorns bought years ago at a little store Audrey and I visit in NJ.  Are these not gorgeous???  Look at the beading and the light shining through and the transparency of the glass.





One final shot.

There you have it, the dining room with fall glory.  Next I will bring you to our entrance to the house, the Foyer dressed to greet people.

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