Good morning everyone it is a beautiful morning here today.  Nice and crisp and the chill is in the air.

Today, I will be sharing our front porch and yard and yes a shed for the start of the fall tour, grab a cup of something yummy, there are MANY pictures.

First, I need to take a minute to mention my excitement that the NY Mets won last night and will be moving to the next round of the playoffs against the Chicago Cubs.  I’m squealing with excitement, you just can’t hear me.  I must admit going to the playoffs is very exhausting.  If you are a baseball fan like we are you know baseball is a LONG season and takes a ton of dedication.  I’m talking every night and we have been there through it all with this team.

Now on to the pictures and the post, John and I bought 44 mums to put around the outside of the house.  They replaced the Begonias from summer.  John is a trooper, he planted them all. 

We haven’t had mums in the ground for 20 years and this made us excited to be able to do this.  Rust and deep burgundy are two of my favorite colors.  Let the pictures begin.

DSC_0393_wm DSC_0394_wm DSC_0395_wm




Front door with my Pottery Barn wreath I’ve had for quite a while.  I don’t change this because I love it too much!



Love these gourds from the Garden Center.  Truth be told, I like them better than pumpkins, love the color.  I purchased a grapevine wreath from Micheal’s to give it some texture.  This urn and pedestal are one of my favorites.DSC_0400_wm

The pots I made and posted a couple of days ago. DSC_0406_wm DSC_0407_wm DSC_0409_wm DSC_0411_wm DSC_0412_wm

Some Hydrangea left, gorgeous.

DSC_0413_wm DSC_0417_wm

I bought these tubs to put in front of the new shed in back.  Yes a shed, downsizing left us with the decision to purchase a shed to store all the outdoor necessities and our pots, etc.  I can’t wait for you to see it.  But, on to these tubs.

I wanted these for plantings and decorating for Christmas.  I have to make our shed look pretty all year round.  We can’t have her look sad and empty and yes I just decided our shed is a girl, LOL. 

I was going to purchase these from Tractor Supply but then I checked Amazon who seems to have everything.  The great part, I didn’t have to pay out-of-pocket.  Yes that’s right, I used Citi Reward points, so FREE!!!

I saw this technique on Pinterest and knew I had to make these tubs look aged, shiny wasn’t going to work for me.  So we bought Lysol toilet bowl cleaner.  John felt the heavy-duty cleaner would work best and yes he was right, he is often.



Before I put the cleaner on, I rubbed them with sandpaper.  It said to use steel wool but I didn’t feel it was making them abrasive enough so I heavy grit sandpaper was used.  Then came the fun part of rubbing the toilet bowl cleaner all over and letting them sit in the sun for an hour.  John rinsed them with the hose and they turned out really good.  They appear old and a bit chippy.  DSC_0077_wm

John drilled drainage holes.

DSC_0079_wm DSC_0081_wm

Ready,  this our shed, isn’t she just like a Minnie me of the house?  I love her with her windows and those doors match our front door.  Couldn’t get better.  John shopped around thinking Lowes or Home Depot would be cheaper but decided to shop a place that has been around for years not far from us and it was the best price by far.  Best part, he got to design it, can you believe that and it was CHEAPER???  Win, win and I have plans for this to be beautified for Christmas, can’t wait. The basket hanging has old gardening tool inside.  John forgot to get a close-up but he did a good job.  He took the outdoor shots, to much walking for me that day.



I hope you enjoyed seeing our Home Outdoor Fall Tour, next indoors begins!

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