Hello everyone!  I’ve been gone for a while.  It’s good to be back, I’ve missed everyone and posting.  I’ve been reading many posts just not responding, the reason, in a minute.

I’ve read many things, babies brought into the world and CONGRATS! to the grandmas.  Homes getting ready for sale.  I know what you have to change and do to get ready, hang in there.  Beautiful fall beginnings and a precious little one who needed and needs prayers.

To everyone in the Southeast, I know it has been tough with all the rain and clouds.  Hope everyone is safe and the sun is shining soon.

Now, to what has been going on.  Well, the summer was tough this year.  Humidity was unbearable and for many with MS that isn’t a good combination.  I needed to get through the summer and realized the summers have to be a slower time for me with posting.  Projects are much slower and I need to concentrate on me.

Another lesson learned, not taking time after moving from a home after 18 years is tough and with MS even tougher.  I shouldn’t have tried to post so quickly and taken time to unpack, get the pups settled and me as well. 

I needed to get my rhythm going and balancing act in tune.  In the process of doing that I learned I can’t have an exact routine, sometimes MS prevents that from happening.

Another thing, I needed to get some projects under my belt that needed to be painted.   I also wanted to work on my cooking skills again.  Not cooking for a bit in the old house they were a bit rusty, LOL.  If healthy like the old days no big deal.  Moving more slowly now, they don’t get finished as quickly.  I’m still working on that one, LOL.

Do I want you to pity or feel sorry for me, NO!!!!  I felt an explanation and honesty needed to happen.  I want to thank my hubby John, for always being here and helping me get through these struggles.  Honestly, without JOHN and my PEANUT and REESES it would be hard.

Now enough of that, I want to share a favorite I have made for years for my family.  I learned this from my sweet mom.

HOMEMADE Pepperoni bread.  I use a small dough from the pizza place or Pillsbury pizza crust.  Pillsbury makes the dough for pizzas and is very good.  I use it more often than not since even the small dough’s are too big and it tends to be to doughy.

John is my dough spreader.  I have nails and have been getting them done since I have been 20 and enjoy it very much.  Not claws, but when working with dough and pastry crust it tends to be an issue.

He spreads it out on a cookie sheet which is coated little with flour. He likes using Wonder flour in a shaker jar.  I line a layer of medium thickness of Hormel pepperoni first.  You may wonder why Hormel?  Well, I tried other ones a time or two, BIG mistake.  Too greasy and not the right flavor. 

After a nice slightly overlapping layer of pepperoni I sprinkle mozzarella cheese.  You can use fresh, however, it must be strained through cheesecloth with a strainer first to release the water.  I find the packaged works best.

Next, a scattering of a few pieces of pepperoni.  It think in total we use about 26  slices.  We counted once.  You don’t’ want the pepperoni to be overwhelming, this is not a sandwich.

Fold the sides over and pinch the ends together.  The next step, give the loaf an egg wash to make it shiny and a nice color on the crust.

Bake in a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes and this should sit for a few minutes before cutting so the cheese can settle a bit.

I serve this as an appetizer or Italian dishes.  I’ve even made them for gifts for my dad and John’s nephew.  They can’t get enough of this bread.

I make these often and if you have it leftover, which if there is a crowd, it won’t happen.  I have frozen it or eaten it the next day.  Just reheat in the oven at about 300 degrees to get warm.  I also thaw it in the microwave for 20 seconds just take the chill off and soften a bit.

Hope you enjoy and doesn’t it look YUMMY!