Hi everyone it’s Peanut and Reeses paying a visit. 

This summer has been to hot and humid for even us pups.  Our puppy run hasn’t been any fun, to hot our fur can’t take it.

We decided to show what we have been up to and some of our favorite positions and new adventures in the house.

The picture below is me, Peanut, Momma and Daddy tease me and say I’m a lazy little thing.  I tend to be in this position most of the time because I want my belly rubbed often.  They say this isn’t a Belly Rub Brothel, I have no idea what that means but momma and daddy have been rubbing my belly since they brought me home, what do they expect?


This is me and Reeses laying on “Our” pillow on the couch.  See, I’m not the only HOG, LOL.



Hey what’s the big idea, can’t a boy rest?


This next picture is of me, once Daddy is home I wait for him to sit one the couch and curl up right next to him on my pillow.  He’s watching the Mets, they are in the running for the Wild Card race.  What is that?  It must be good cause Momma and Daddy say they have been waiting a long-time for this.


These next two pictures are of a step that Daddy built for us to get on the deck from the kitchen,  it makes it safe for our backs.  As you can see, we aren’t going anywhere.  We don’t like change but they put pieses of food on it so we may make a run for it.


As you can see, Reeses ran for it straight to Momma.  Me, I am whining for someone to get me but I finally made it out there.


This is me again, Peanut, I’m lying here wondering why Momma is in that office again and not out here with me.


This picture is of Reeses going a bit wacky with balls Daddy got for us.  I’m afraid but Reeses goes crazy for them.  These things make too much noise for this girl.

DSC_0006 DSC_0008_wm

He is still at it and is going all over the house.


This last one of us is in our Walley Bed in the kitchen.  We stay here when Momma and Daddy eat dinner.


See you all soon!!