I have been MIA for a bit.  I have been dealing with the horrible humidity we have been having all summer, not good for MS.  I also took some time to get my ducks in a row so to speak.  I had to take time to figure our how to get all of my cleaning and household duties taken care of and work my blog into my life a little more.

Since I have some limitations with speed I had to make some changes in my schedule for getting everything done around the home which is number 1 in my book.  Getting my exercise in which is very important.  Taking care of my pups who are very important to us.  I won’t sacrifice those thing for the blog, NO WAY.  I think I have now figured that out so I have more time for projects and the blog, we’ll se how it goes this way.

Enough of the chit-chat.  I made some changes to our bookcase for the summer with some items that are important to me and I adore.  I wanted to lighten it up for the rest of the summer.


This picture came out a bit uneven, a little wobbly when taking this, LOL, no I wasn’t drinking.


I added this green piece I purchased from Home Goods year ago, adore the scroll cut-outs.  Off course, lavender had to be added.  Not a great close-up, my height had much to do with that, LOL.

I used one of my many cloches and placed some decorative balls underneath.  I LOVE the details.  Now I know I used the flash which is a no, no but forgive me, this was important for the detail of the balls to come through.  This  is placed on antique dishes from my mom with decorating books behind for interest and color.



No flash, details show but the flash really makes them pop, just my opinion.

Isn’t this old fence finial gorgeous?  I snagged this at a craft fair many years ago, one of my favorites.  Books were added for height and interest.


Old tea cups from my Grandmother and mom that speak summer and lightness (is that a word, oh well, if not I made it up) aside silver-plate pieces I bundled.



Next, a French pot I made with one of my favorite transfers and lavender pine cones.  This was here from spring, you may remember.


The bottom shelf, I used an old-fashioned champagne glass that was given to me in a set of four as a gift and placed a dried yellow hydrangea inside.  The piece on the decorating books I love is from Home Goods purchased years ago.  I added some Krylon spray chalk paint to give it a different look, sorry I forgot before shots, unusual for me.



Pretty and light


I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  Me, well I am waiting for this summer to end.  The humidity this year has been an annoyance.

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