It is VERY hot here this weekend, YIKES!

This small table was in the old house and I like it very much but didn’t have the room for it anywhere.  No way was this going in the garbage.  So, I painted it for my step mom to use in their home.

It used to be a deep gold color with glazing but the color doesn’t match Gail and my dads décor so I changed the color using Old White ASCP.  Gail decorates with ivory and ecru and I knew this would be perfect for her.



I didn’t take a before picture, sorry, I  know that’s a no, no but when you forget you forget.  At least I took pictures of it before I did Raw Umber glazing affect to t he piece.





I like how this turned out and I’m confident Gail will too, so Gail this will delivered I’m sure by John this weekend.   It’s a whole 7 minutes away, LOL.



Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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