This weekend is a big weekend for us, we are celebrating our first full year in the new house.  Our HOME has been a joy for us, giving us freedoms we didn’t have as a family for many years.


John and I have been married for 27 years and have never celebrated living in our homes before.  You may ask why now?  Well, it took a year for us to get here and it has given me a new lease on life that I haven’t had in five or more years. 


It has made me a better wife, puppy momma and happier than I have been in years.  It has also given me a sense of calm.  I missed all the small things in life that are mundane for some but my joy in life. 


It has given John joy and peace of mind for me being safe while he is in NYC doing his job.  It has also given him an extra half-hour of his life back every night, which is HUGE for him.  John is a man who never complains about much but the commute was getting to him.  Driving home from the bus station night after night took time away from him being able to have some quieter evenings. He loves coming home each night to me, Peanut and Reeses. We feel blessed because we not only love one another but like ach other too, well most of the time, LOL.

We have enjoyed him coming home to no worries about what may have transpired during the day with me and my struggles.  Do I still have bad days, the answer, YES.  The difference is they are more manageable for me and the worries of getting a very large home clean are no longer on my mind 24/7, its attainable!

The photos in this post are of our beautiful Hydrangea.  They are Everlasting in Garnet and as you can see they are doing extremely well.  The surprise for us was, they are Garnet and go from bright pink to a faded green.




Surprise YES, neither one of us had our reading glasses that day and it was extremely windy at the garden center so we only noticed the light green with pink edges on the tickets and grabbed them, LOL.  For John and I, TYPICAL.


Have a super rest of the week and we will be enjoying our LOVELY HOME        for the weekend and years to come.

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