The summer is flying by, 4th of July is around the corner.  How’d that happen??

Today, I am sharing a Chippy Addition.  I purchased this from Décor Steals a while back.  I saw this on Savvy Southern Style and knew I wanted to add it to our home to give some character.  Took a bit for me to decide where its home would be and the great room seemed like the perfect spot.



I placed my grandmothers silver creamer and sugar bowl inside.  Placing my silver sugar shaker from England that was given to me as a gift as well.



After adding the pictures I added two pieces of my grandmothers antique lace to the sugar bowl, much prettier and snapped a new shot.

The bottom holds a piece of transferware filled with a piece of antique lace from my grandmother and lavender.  Along side, I purchased a set of vintage finials from Mary Alice at Chateau Chic in her Etsy shop.  I placed a stack of vintage teacup saucers beneath. 



This cabinet is very well made and I love the age it adds to this space.  Now, I’m not showing you its surroundings because I am working on aging pieces that will sit beneath in a grouping.  Coming very soon.  I may also add things to this cabinet too, who knows?

I can see this being great for the fall and Christmas time too.  Take a look and I hope you enjoy.

I hope everyone has a safe Holiday weekend and please remember our men and women during this time.  They give us and have given us the FREEDOMS we are able to enjoy!!!

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