While I was getting ready to write this post my brain started remembering and thinking of summer and my younger years.  I hope you won’t mind taking a trip down memory lane while I show you some changes I made to a small table in our kitchen.


Spring has come and gone.  The older we get time seems to pass by quicker and quicker. 

The days have gotten warmer and more humid so summer has taken the stage.  Kids are getting out of school in a couple of weeks in our neighborhood.



They are taking rides on their bikes and sitting on the curb for childhood gab fests.  Remember doing that when you were in grammar school?   Well I do, having such serious conversations about getting out of school for summer.  Where we were going on vacation.  Who we got as a teacher for the next grade for September.  Sometimes happy with who we got and sometimes much bummed, LOL.



I remember waiting for the Good Humor truck to come around.  Back then most of us couldn’t get that special treat except for a few days a week.  That was okay with us because we were busy playing jump rope, kickball, hopscotch, and tag and that is just a few.

Back then, my mom was the coolest.  She had Tupperware popsicle containers and she used to make us homemade pudding pops.  I can still remember how cool I thought it was to have chocolate pudding pops one day and chocolate the next.


I also remember getting sprayed with the hose and running through the sprinklers in the yard to try to get cool.  What a job that was for our parents back then.  They were sweating to keep us cool and watch us running back and forth.  The amazing part, they never uttered a word while doing this for us.


We had a great street for all of the games because we had a cul-de-sac.  Not many interruptions for our games with cars coming up and down the street.

My dad umpiring baseball games to make extra money and painting houses for us to have a great vacation at the beach every year. 

My dad coaching American Legion baseball.  My brother was a pitcher and I remember going to those games and playing on the playground. 


My mom keeping the score book and it always being as neat as a pin.  She was really good at keeping track of every play and occasionally telling the umpire he didn’t make the right call, LOL.



I remember the schedule back on those lazy days too.  Breakfast, play, lunch play, dinner, play and then when the street lights came on we all had to head inside for the night.

Nighttime was fun too. We got to stay up later to watch TV.  Catching lightning bugs and wishing they could stay lit all the time.

At night there were baths from being sticky and sweaty from the day of fun.


As I got a bit older in mid-summer cheerleading tryout would start.  That was very serious business in my town and I took it VERY seriously.  I practiced and practiced with my mom watching.  I cheered everywhere.  The house, the yard, when we went to stores and in front of the mirror to make sure the hands and arms were straight and facing the right way.  I wanted to be the best.  My mom never complained sitting and watching me over and over.


Those are memories I will cherish forever.  Too bad, at the time we didn’t cherish them ourselves and realize these were precious times we would only live once.  We all wanted to grow up so fast but having these great memories is something I will have for a LIFETIME.


I hope you had similar memories when you were young and enjoyed the changes I made to this small table in the kitchen.

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