Okay, I don’t want to complain too much about the weather.  I feel so bad because of what all of the people are going through in TX.  I can’t even begin to imagine.  However, the weather took a nose dive Monday and today.  It is cold and raining outside.  I had to turn the heat on to take the chill out of the house.  Yes, you read that correctly HEAT.  Okay, I had to get that out.

Our first spring, couldn’t wait to say that since many of you may remember how long it took to get this home finished.

So what did we plant in front, well John and the landscapers, LOL???  Can anyone say Hydrangea?? THRILLED!!!  Some of you may remember, I mentioned that I wanted to plant some but was not sure we had the right  lighting with sun.





Well, we do and we purchased a total of NINE!!  We planted seven in front and two on the side by the garage.  Now, I did have to overcome that there would be dead wood in front for the winter so, I chose my favorite of all, BOXWOOD.  I used them in front and the side as well to give us green all year-long.



The Hydrangea are so pretty and I can’t believe how many flowers we are getting already.  The front variety get green flowers with a light pink center. so pleased about that.  The one thing I am not happy about is that John threw the ticket away.  I have to look online or he’ll go to the garden center and ask them when they get pruned.

Being a Hydrangea VIRGIN so to speak I didn’t realize the varieties get pruned at all different times.  Not to worry though John the STAR will take care of it because that is MY MAN he makes everything work out.

Our landscapers planted our trees for us.  I don’t want to fool with trees.  They can be tricky.  I chose a white Dogwood and a Mushroom flowering Cherry. I didn’t want pink.  I thought maybe it would clash with the siding.  I know very strange.



What makes it stranger is I had John plant white and pink Begonias as our annuals.  Next year, I am planning on planting more of them.  For the first year I didn’t want to go overboard this is our first spring planting season.  I would have used all white Begonias but we couldn’t get enough.


We are happy how the plants on the front porch.  Here I used something different I have never seen before.  You will notice the leaves are clover and there are small white blooms.  Save the ticket, no, that would’ve been too smart.  I’ll be checking that out too online.



The other pots I used Begonias and Geraniums with Creeping Jenny to have some nice trailing plants with the pots.

You may notice these pots and the ones by the garage look like baskets.  They are gorgeous.  I found them online through Amazon and One Kings Lane.  They are Orlandi Statuary pots.  They have a gorgeous line of planters.




French flower pots I made.


The next picture shows the side of the house where we decided to add a small planting area and our pots near the garage.



I wanted to share a cute tidbit about Peanut and Reeses.  Now remember, in the old house they were not exposed to much outdoors in fear of predators.  Believe me, there were more than one can imagine. 


While we were planting many, many of these were landing.  This was their food of choice.  Every moment they had out side in their puppy area they chose to eat tons of theses.


Look at these faces, you think they love the outdoors or what.  We are thrilled we built such a grand space for them.  They are discovering many bunnies, squirrels and even bees and flies.  No worries no one got stung they just chase them around trying to figure out what they are, LOL.  Those moments are PRICELESS.  Just like watching puppies and they are five now.  No matter they are so small they are our PUPS!!!

Now, tell me that grass P&R are lying on doesn’t look real?  Better than the lawn we have in the yard.  That task will get worked on in the fall.





Of course this was after Reeses got a bath the night before.  This doesn’t even show the full picture.  He was covered in them.  They role in them like crazy.

I will be posting updates on the Hydrangea when in full bloom.

Enjoy your week!!

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