Hello everybody, we told momma that we haven’t been on the blog in a bit and suggested she do something about that.


So, momma and daddy came up with this project for us.  It is nifty and it helps momma out too.  Daddy made us a platform for our beddy.  Now,  some would feel bad that we still sleep here but we LOVE our bed.  Momma always says our bed is a Dog Bed from the Ritz Carlton.  What does that mean?


Daddy put this together in an hour and momma painted ASCP in Country Grey and used something in a container called Raw Umber Glaze.  All these words are very confusing for us pups.






After that project was finished they made us this cute sign for over our bed.  We think it is very cool.  Unfortunately, we had to endure the noise of the printer for this task.  We will you tell you more about that in a bit.  We don’t enjoy the printer because it always seems to make noise when we are napping in mommas office.


Painting took place using some stuff named ASCP  in Country Grey and Louis Blue.  Who’s this guy Louis?  The Louis was used to paint these neat letter for our names.





Then momma said something about aging this piece.  What’s that?  She used that stuff Raw Umber glaze again.


After that she used stuff called Mod Podge to put these cute Doxie images on and after they were dry she lightly sanded them to make them look old.  First off, what does all the aging stuff have to do with a sign and second, why does everything have to make noise.  Sandpaper is an annoying sound to our ears.


Finally it was all finished and ready to hang up and our bed to got some clean bedding.  We also had to get a bath.  We didn’t mind getting a bath it is fun and they Peanut and I run around the house to help the drying process.  We don’t stay still very long for daddy and momma to dry us off good.  We get to excited to play afterwards.




Peanut and I took turns telling the story and hope you liked it.  Momma and daddy are the best they “SPOIL AND LOVE US SO MUCH”!


Till next time Ruff!!

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