I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  We have been landscaping the front yard, well, John has been working hard outside.  We have started purchasing annuals for our deck.  Some that I would like to add will be arriving at the garden center we use in about a week.  The garden centers were packed.  I enjoy the hunt for what I am planning to use. I decided to make it easy for me and not purchase any plants which need deadheading, too much work for me to get around I will be posting pictures of the front beds soon.  First, I thought I would share the French flower pots I made for our front porch and give a tutorial.  I’m sure most of you know how to do this but for those who don’t it is easy with a capital E. Purchase terracotta pots the size you would like to use for this project.  I decided on a good size for the porch. Supplies:

  • Gesso, I purchase mine on Amazon or you can visit your local art store
  • Inexpensive brush
  • Medium grey craft paint
  • Small bowl
  • Water
  • Stirrer , I was so sophisticated and used a plastic spoon, LOL
  • Paper Towels
  • Heavy grit sanding sponge or sandpaper
  • Graphic transfer – I chose one from my files on my computer
  • Outdoor ModPodge
  • Polyurethane spray

I painted two coats of Gesso on my pots allowing them to dry in between coats.  I did not make the pots opaque with the Gesso which allowed some of the terracotta show through already.


One new pot and one coat of Gesso


Two coats Gesso

Once dry, I used a good amount of medium grey craft paint, I chose FolkArt brand, mixed with water, this made it thin enough to spread around the pot.  I did this step by dabbing paper towel in the mixture and rubbing it all over the pots.  You will want to make sure you add enough of the mixture to give the pot an aged look.



After grey wash

After allowing this process to dry I took 80 grit sandpaper and wrapped it around a sanding sponge.  I did this since I didn’t have a heavy-duty sanding sponge on hand. 



After sanding

This was done in various spots to expose the terracotta and to blend the grey in and make stronger in some areas.  This way it gives a more natural look of age.  I did this until I had the look I was trying to achieve

My next step was picking out my transfer.  After this, I cut as much of the white paper surrounding the image as possible.

On the ink side of the transfer I spread the outdoor Mod Podge and place it  on the pot and made sure it was smooth and centered.


Transfer ink side down with outdoor Mod Podge

This next step is important.  Let the transfer dry for 24 hours.  DO NOT try to take this off sooner and DO NOT peak.

After it is dry I used a spray bottle filled with water and sprayed the image.  I started rubbing the paper off lightly and I was left with this beautiful image.



After removing the layer of paper

I let this dry overnight as well to make sure it was completely dry.  Next, I sprayed three coats of polyurethane making sure I went over the image well.  I suppose outdoor ModPodge could be used but for me I feel better having the poly.

Let it dry and add your soil and plant or plants and you have this beauty.  I hope you will give this a try and find my directions were helpful.




Posting again soon.  Have a super week! 

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