We finally had some sun yesterday and the week is looking good as well.  Let’s hope it stays that way.


I added some new touches to the foyer on the Bombay chest.  I made some French flower pots using some great transfers I found on Pinterest.  I have to say using the Mod Podge method makes this so easy. 

I added a nest to one with a sprig of lavender and a lavender ball to another.  The French flower-pot I made a while back and added greens with tiny white flowers that I bought at Michael’s.


I also changed out the lamp with a lamp we used in our other home.  I really like this one better.

You will notice a new piece in the foyer.  My old shutter from an early 1900’s farmhouse from Pennsylvania.  I made the purchase from A Rustic Garden on their Etsy shop.  I used one of my small boxwood wreathes hung with some ribbon and I think it adds a nice touch. They have so many great things that I will be adding to the house slowly.


I was hoping to be able to find one while going antiquing but the reality is, my brace for my right leg helps but I am not able to walk as long as I hoped.  Am I sad about this yes, but I have to accept the fact this the way it is in my life.  It is still hard for me at times to deal with this emotionally.  I was always out and about with John shopping for goodies.


So, I am trying to deal with the fact that I just have to shop in different ways and thrifting at stores and small shops that we used to love to go to is just not a reality.  I am grateful for the ability to be able to take care of our home and be able to cook and take care of our life here.

Below I placed a lantern I purchased from PB and added a few lavender pinecones with some moss balls and put a pedestal underneath to give it some height.


On my Hitchcock chair that was my moms, I placed a pillow I purchased from Michael’s.  They really have some great home décor items now a days.



These pictures may not be perfect.  I purchased a new camera and I’m getting used to it so bare with me.  For a second try I think I did pretty well.

We are heading outside to enjoy some fresh air with the pups this morning for coffee.  It’s supposed to be gorgeous today.

I hope everyone is having a great end to the weekend.  Enjoy.

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