I think Mother nature through the memo away that spring is here.  Not much sun lately where we live in NJ.  Today the sun is shine and quite chilly and blustery again.

I’ve been getting ready for spring and things are moving along.  I thought I would mention that I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with this time of year and early fall as well.

Why you may ask??  Not a sob story and not feeling sorry for myself, not that kind of person, just reality.  This time of year and early fall are hard for me and many MS patients.  The fluctuation in temps. and air quality wreak havoc on my illness.  Slow, very tired and numb are the standard for me.

Love the thought of things growing, birds chirping and the pups outside playing.  I don’t know about you other dog lovers, but ours get horrible spring fever.  Very cute.

Flower pots, many have been painted,  terracotta and peat pots, many French transfers have been applied.  What am I doing with all these pots you may be wondering??  Well, many fun spring things are taking place and one I have wanted to do for over a year and added a twist. 







Many more transfers have been used and applied to the larger pots shown above.



So hang tight, projects will be revealed!  Posting soon.