I made some changes to my tier basket I keep in the kitchen and I had a little investigator checking everything out while I was loading it up.


Hi everybody, is my Momma talking about me again??  It is getting a bit embarrassing, but she loves us so much.  I can’t help myself checking out what she is doing, I have to know everything.


See. I am very nosy and curious where my sister Peanut just likes to be lazy and lay on the couch and get her belly rubbed by Momma and Daddy.  Truth be told she likes it from everyone.  I’m to busy for that stuff and save that for at night on the couch while resting and watching TV.


See this is my sister, she just poses and doesn’t have interest in what’s going on around the house.

It is very hard too, because Momma brings all these items into the room I  have never seen and I want to make sure they belong in this house.  I am very protective of my house and Momma.  She’s pretty cool and gives us so much love and time. 


She wasn’t this busy in the old house well, since we have been around, for the past 5 years.


It has been very cold here and we are getting very tired of our bums being cold, it is not fun and we are waiting to play in our play area.

Before I forget, look at what our Aunt Audrey bought us for Christmas.  Our own street sign, COOL!!


Enough about me. look at this basket.  Momma worked very hard to get things right.

  DSC_0028_wm DSC_0027_wm



There are bags around and I’m thinking Momma is going to work on some things.  She keeps talking to Daddy about spring.  

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