It is mighty windy and cold in NJ, not enjoyable in the least.  I will be venturing out Saturday to Michael’s for some items I need for spring crafts.  Big sale Saturday, have to love that!

I mentioned in my coffee table post that I had a story.  Well, here it goes, Reeses  is a very inquisitive, curious dog.  He thinks everything that gets brought into the house especially from daddy is for him.


We make the slightest change or move something around he has to see it up close and smell.  Well, that happened with the basket.  I added the new pieces in the basket and John put it on the coffee table.  The finial made it very heavy to lift.

We sat down thinking nothing of it until, the little guy noticed and popped up wagging his tail and crying.  We thought he had to go out.  No that was not the problem and we were stumped until……He kept doing it and then made a cute little bark and reached his head.  I said to John, maybe it is the basket so the dopes we took each item out of the basket and let him smell.  This did not cure his curiosity.  So what to do???

We put the basket down and then put Reeses on the floor.  He ran right to the basket.  Sniffing and sticking his nose inside to smell and smell.  We had to leave the basket there and then after two weeks.  I said John put it on the table he hasn’t been looking at it, well.




Don’t think so Momma, not so fast, I am not finished investigating and smelling.  Another week went by and I said to John, this is ridiculous we have to put this on the table.  What to do???  Well, daddy put it back at 5:00 a.m. when he went to work.  He never even noticed, well that is until I make changes again.

You have know Reeses, he barks like my little nut at the garbage truck and strangers.  He is very afraid of everything.  I didn’t socialize them well from my illness and not driving and they also used to throw up in the car all the time.  Daddy to the rescue, many trips to Petco solved that!

Other than that barking he doesn’t make a peep.  If he has to go out he just stands by the door and looks at you with the look, hey, I have to go outside.  Never a peep, even when he wants attention he stands next to us and gives you his foot.  I taught him that, but he never got the concept that you give the foot to get rubbed not while I’m rubbing, LOL.  He is my investigator for sure.

Have a great weekend!!!