I can’t wait for spring, how about everyone else.  The cold and snow, it’s time to go away but I know that won’t happen.  It’s only February.

We had a scare with Peanut.  She went for a vet visit to get her nails trimmed and glands taken care of and John found a small lump.  The vet felt it was important to take a biopsy since it was on her leg.  Thank God, yesterday we found out it is a fatty cyst.  We couldn’t imagine anything happening to either one of our pups.  They are almost 5 and they are still so young.  The usually positions for tons of belly rubs, which are received daily, LOL!!


I wanted to share the way our coffee table in the family room is looking these day.  I filled it with decorating books and some antique dishes my grandmother bought my mom years ago.  I have always loved these dishes and take special care with these.


I love my cloches and placed one filled with these intricate carved balls I purchased many moons ago. 


I wanted to finish this off with a terracotta finial from Ballard and a small French pot with a simple pine cone.

Stay tuned for a story with this basket and Reeses.  He is my little investigator.  Will be posted very soon.

I’m starting to get ideas for spring projects, how about you??

Everyone stay warm and hope the Spring Gods show up early.