Hello everyone, I hope all is well. 

Boy is it going to get cold in NJ.  Friday through the next week. Brrrrr!!  May or may not get snow, those of you that live where it snows know that deal. 

You may ask yourself, is Cindy too obsessed with these pups???  Well, truth be told, a little.  Realistically, I’m with them 24/7, five days a week.  When you can’t go anywhere during the week from not being able to drive these two have gotten very attached to me and me them.  They make me smile and laugh out loud everyday.

I must warn you this is long and has many pictures.

I’m showing this picture of Peanut that was in another post.  The reason, I was working on this buffet that I was repainting.  It was taking long and she had enough and decided, hey you want to work on this longer I’m sitting on your lap, LOL.



I painted this buffet years before blogging.  Wish I had pictures before I painted it.  This was oak and didn’t have the moldings it has now nor the feet.  John and I went to Lowes and picked out moldings I wanted him to add and I ordered the feet from Van Dykes.  All of this took it from being American Country to having character.

I didn’t care for the green color with the colors in the room so I knew I had to make a change.  As you can see, this is when I remembered to start taking pictures, typical.  I used Meil Masion Blanche chalk paint.  I decided to use plain glaze mixed with raw  umber paint for this one.



When I use this technique I remember why I enjoy it so much.  There is so much play time and I achieve the look I set out to finish.

I knew I wanted to change the doors up in this house before painting.  I asked John to add appliques I purchased at Architectural Depot for some more character.





I changed the handles and knobs to oil rubbed bronze.  I’m still not sure about the handles.  They still feel a bit steam lined for me so these may change.




I added my Ballard antique mirror I purchased years ago with a cake stand I’ve had with a French Country cloche a friend bought me years ago.  Love the colors in this piece.


I put some candles with French script on them, a crown I’ve had for a while and two hearts I purchased from Rosemary at Villabarnes.



I also added my mercury glass pieces I bought from Ballard years ago.  I waited for these to go on sale and got a great price.  As we know this stuff is expensive. 

Everyone that is feeling the cold stay WARM!!!

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