Hello everybody, it ‘s Peanut and Reeses.  Forget the Grammys and come look at our page. 

Momma made changes to her blog.  She changed her header and added new categories and….  Guess what she gave us our own page and when you look there is a spot that is also our photo album.  She is the coolest!!!!


Us on the pedestal of the old kitchen table when we were puppies.  Believe it or not we used to even squiggle underneath and bang our heads.  Momma said we did that and we were so little we fit!


This is us laying in our beddy.  Some parents call it a crate but Momma and Daddy have always called it our beddy.  It is our safe place and we LOVE it!!!  We even go to this, to this day and stand in front of it at bedtime so Momma can tuck us in, so cool.


This is us, a bit older lying on Momma’s legs in the old house.


We sure do love each other.  We even sleep nose to nose.


And….this is us getting ready for bath time.  Notice, no collars.  We get so excited when these come off Momma and Daddy say we are naked!!!

Now remember take a look around because our Momma worked hard on this.  Notice all the cute pictures of us in our album and all her neat new stuff!!

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