Hello everyone, it has been a bit hectic around here.  John and I had terrible colds and mine turned into a large virus.  Let me tell you,  it was the mucus that wouldn’t end.  Don’t mean to be gross but there is no other way to put it, LOL.  We must have gone through a million tissues.  It was a LONG two weeks.

Let’s talk weather, we were supposed to get “The Blizzard of the Century last night, NOT!!!  Good thing but slightly annoying.  NYC and NJ were shutdown.  Poor John went to the market on Sunday.  He couldn’t get a parking space and came home and when he went back it took him 10 minutes to park and no carts.  It was a ZOO, his words.

Why do people think they will never get out of their houses again???  They buy everything in sight.  In NYC and NJ we are so used to this, you get out the next day.  We go through this with every storm.

I am very, very behind on email due to being sick.  Another reason, I am making some changes to my page.  I will be posting real soon.  I haven’t forgotten anyone.