This has been quite the Christmas for me.  Decorating has been a pleasure and exciting for me.   I did something this year that I have been wanting to do for years.  The problem, the house was too big and by the time I reached the second level I ran out of steam.  This year, not a chance.

Some may be tiring of hearing the same phrase over and over but this home has truly opened my life up to be able to do all the things that bring me joy.  I have to say this has been a GIFT I don’t take lightly.

I decorated our bedroom for the first time and I am so happy that I was able to give John and I the gift of Christmas in our bedroom.

Now keep in mind I have not revealed this whole room yet and I will be just showing our Christmas décor.  The full bedroom reveals will be soon. 

I changed the snowman pillow from the foyer to go on the bed.  The size is better suited for this spot.  The Hitchcock chair in the foyer received a new pillow I purchased from Décor Steals, Mr. Caribou pillow took its place.


I also added a berry wreath to the foot of the bed.  I love plaid for Christmas, it is just perfect for me and says Christmas so the ribbon is what is holding it  in place with a simple bow.

I added simple burlap stockings I bought from Etsy a few years ago with some greens draping over the edge.


On this dresser top I received the most beautiful gift from a dear friend for a house-warming gift.  We were at Audrey’s and I was thrilled and so very touched. 


This cloche is just magnificent and I wanted it in a spot I would see every morning and every night before going to sleep. 


The vintage bottle brush tree, greens and beaded wreath were part of the package.  I used my grandmothers silver tarnished sugar bowl to hold the tree and placed a rolled piece of Christmas paper tied with Noel ribbon for an added touch.


For next year, I would like to find a silver tray or platter to go underneath.  I think that will finish this perfectly.

The door is adorned with this lovely wreath from the old house from Balsam Hill and I made a bow out of music note ribbon.



The other spot is the top of another dresser with berries and greens in a French flower bucket.



I used this French soap dish that was given to me from my stepmom purchased on a recent trip made to Virginia.  I added a small bottle brush tree and glitter light bulb ornaments.

Either side of the dresser has some Christmas too.  Some lighted glistening branches and a lighted tree on the other.



This Christmas has been very special for our small family and I hope you have enjoyed seeing what has taken place in our new home.

Now, believe it or not I haven’t finished wrapping better move on this, you think?

Last night, I decided to bake 6 dozen cookies, LOL.  It was a fast-moving time around here but so much fun. 

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