Hello again, another busy Sunday for us pups.  There seems to be something going on that needs our attention, Momma must be off posting again.  But at least the Jets won…almost a miracle these days! We think she’s going to tell you about the laundry room and the table daddy built, what a racket he made with the biscuit joiner, the sanding and the nail gun…Geez 


Thank you babies for letting everyone know what I was going to talk about today, I am sorry I disturbed your rest.  DSC_0048_wm DSC_0038_wm DSC_0040_wm DSC_0041_wm The one thing that you do as a housewife that never goes away is laundry.  This really helps me feel better about doing this chore.  John did such a great job building this folding table.  It is large with a great balustrade at the end.  I saw it on Van Dykes, it is large and I think it adds a great touch. DSC_0014_wm He stained it dark walnut and used wax to protect the wood top.   I also wanted to show where I hang our clothes for drying.  I am a bit strange, I only put whites in the dryer.  I am not a fan of soft jeans at all.  Many make fun of me because most don’t enjoy stiff jeans but this girl does. Anyway, John bought a piece of cedar from Lowes and stained it for me and hung it on the wall.  I went to Country Curtains and purchased curtain holders in Amber glass and use that to hang our pants, etc.  I think it is pretty cool. DSC_0025_wm DSC_0025_wm DSC_0026_wm I utilized my old picture hook to hold the clothes pin bag. DSC_0024_wm The bag is from an Etsy shop and I feel bad that I can’t remember which shop I made the purchase.  Two reasons, 1, I would love to go back and 2, I would love to give a shout out for their shop,. The cabinets are off the shelf from Home Depot and so are the knobs.  Love the color of these. DSC_0028_wm Notice the large sink in the corner, well, that is really for Peanut and Reeses.  This is their bath tub.  Bath time is big around here, they have always enjoyed them since we brought them home.  They even have their own rubber mat for the bottom so they don’t slip.  A little loved these two, no not much, LOL.  This is also a utility sink.  Don’t worry it gets scrubbed down before the pups go in for safety. DSC_0031_wm All of the prints in the room are from the old house.  They don’t have the laundry room theme but they are so pretty and make the room cheery. Even though our laundry/mudroom is accessed through the garage, I added a welcoming fall wreath for back door friends. DSC_0018_wm View as you enter. DSC_0020_wm DSC_0033_wm I selected a wood lighting fixture to compliment the wood pieces throughout this room, even the wood look tile on the floor. DSC_0004_wm The projects are happening and it is fun and a tad frustrating at times.  It takes me so much longer these days to paint, but that is how it is and I try not to fret too much. More to come soon!!!

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