Hi…I’m Reeses and am greeting you today! (I know, I have a Jets tag on for the fall; no comments on this season please LOL)


The kitchen really came together for the autumn season.  I used everything I had from the old house except the three-tier basket in the corner and the real pumpkins.  Oh, and another small crate that John found at the garden center when he went back to get small evergreens for the front porch.  He is so thoughtful and he knew I would love another one of these, big kiss!!!

It looks so pretty filled with my small white pumpkins.  Near this I put another small inexpensive piece I found at the garden center.  It can be used for plants, holding silverware and many other things.  I placed some hay and artichokes I had and I love the touch.

DSC_0094_wm DSC_0093_wm DSC_0091_wm DSC_0092_wm

I am also enjoying our hood decorated for fall too.

DSC_0005 (3)_wm DSC_0008 (2)_wm

I used my French flower-pot with my transfer filled with faux flowers I had from the old house and I just love the colors and the warmth they add.



This cloche you have seen before but I love it with a white larger pumpkin and some faux leaves I had that I purchased from PB while at the other house.


Now, to one of my favorites in the kitchen, my three-tiered basket from my beloved Décor Steals.  I filled this with pumpkins, doilies, my grandmothers again that she made and mason jars.  The doilies are very old and fragile.  I am taking special care of these and enjoy using them in various ways in my vignettes.  The small dish was my grandmothers also and I think it is transferware but I have to do some checking to be sure.  It is very old as well.

DSC_0097_wm DSC_0096_wm

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