I haven’t shown this room yet, because I wanted our side chairs to be recovered first.  The fabric on these chairs, as you can see, didn’t in any way blend with the area rug we chose from our old house to be placed in this room, horrible fabric, what was I thinking, LOL??

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0006_wm DSC_0007_wm

John recovered them with a fabric that I purchased from beautifulfabrics.com  and I am thrilled with the look.

I’ll show this room in its entirety in a few weeks.  For now, it is minimal, to show my fall décor.

I still haven’t gotten to painting the buffet or the table base, these projects are slated to get finished before the holidays, fingers crossed, LOL!

The table is decorated with my favorite cloche and I used old tea cups that were my grandmothers, some of these date back to the 40’s.  I thought I’d dress them with little faux pumpkins I had in my arsenal.  You’ll notice that I used the mirror from our old powder room that received a makeover which I wrote about in an earlier post.

I had these mercury glass acorns I purchased last year.  I knew I would work them into my fall décor in the new house.  Also added, is a doily that was my grandmothers.  When I went to the garden center to buy real pumpkins I thought this would make a nice addition.

DSC_0072_wm DSC_0071_wm DSC_0004 (2)_wm

This little side table is decorated with a crate I found on sale from the garden center, when I saw this baby there was no way it wasn’t coming home with me.  I was thrilled I was able to find small white pumpkins this year, love them!!!  They aren’t always available for some reason in my part of NJ.


I will see you soon, I hope everyone is enjoying great weather!

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