Finally, a nice cool day came along and I took the opportunity to get some outside fall decorating done! Being the first time decorating our new front porch, it was a special treat to be able to use flowering Kale again.  No more critters to worry about munching away on these beauties. I was getting anxious seeing everyone decorating in blogland for the season and I had nothing even started, LOL.  Of course, my John, being the person of reason reminded me this isn’t a race.  We recently added the railings and the front walkway and we will tackle landscaping this spring  So, I decided to keep it a bit simple this year. I have been enjoying the season in our neighborhood and everyone is really embracing the fall. I was hoping our shutters would be put up on the house before I posted but the builder hasn’t gotten to it yet.  When they are up I will post.  I decided to wait on them to see if I really felt the house needed them.  I thought the house felt  a little flat in front so I  made the choice to add them. Will update once they’re up! DSC_0051_wm DSC_0055_wm DSC_0058_wm DSC_0059_wm DSC_0060_wm DSC_0052_wm I am linking to:{Ginger+Snap+Crafts}%29