Next stop, our kitchen.  I took a long time deciding what I really wanted in our kitchen. I didn’t want anything trendy and I knew I wanted something that was timeless.   We got caught in that trap with our old home and I was not going to make that mistake again.

I know many choose white cabinets with glaze for their French kitchen but I am not a fan for our home.  It took many hours to find what I really wanted.   Painted glazed cabinets were an option but I was afraid I would tire of that and they were a bit more costly for our kitchen.  So, I chose these and am thrilled with the choice.  They have a rubbed affect even though they aren’t.  I  also knew I wanted our knobs to be simple and not be the focal point of the kitchen.  I have seen some kitchens where the knobs are beautiful but at times you noticed that more than the beauty of the cabinets.


The counters, quartz, why quartz, easy choice for me.  No maintenance and this can be cleaned with anything and will not scorch from a hot-pot.  Will not stain from olive oil, red wine or any other foods or drinks.  It is indestructible.  A bit more expense but worth every penny not to mention it is gorgeous and there are many choices.

DSC_0035_wm DSC_0037_wm

Next, I knew a farmhouse sink was a definite and it needed to be large.  I have many large platters, cutting boards and pots.  I didn’t want to struggle cleaning after a meal.



The tile surprisingly enough didn’t take me more than a half hour to make a decision.  I knew I wanted rustic subway tile and basically this color and when I saw it I said that is the one.

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0017_wm DSC_0039_wm

We didn’t go with too many bells and whistles in our cabinets.  For me, it was important to have pot drawers and a great spot for the garbage and recycling.  I happen to like the lazy Susan feature for my herbs and baking.  May be a bit old-fashioned but it always worked for me in our other home.

We were going to have to incur the expense of a hood since we were getting a commercial oven.  Since I have freedom of movement and I am able to enjoy cooking and baking John thought we should splurge.  We decided to add a single wall oven do to the fact that I use two ovens often and this would enable us to keep our pizza stone in the oven all the time.  We have homemade pizza every Friday, it is a tradition.



The cow head was a purchase from Décor Steals and a gift from Audrey.  It has its prominent place on our hood.


We kept our kitchen table we purchased from Ballard a few years ago.  We got a great sale, love that!  The chairs as I mentioned in my other post will get a coat of chalk paint.  They are a shade off for me and too shiny.  You’ll notice we set it on a diagonal, to have a little different look.



I am thrilled with the lighting we chose.  They are casual but elegant and other ceiling medallion I painted and fauxed.

DSC_0049_wm DSC_0054_wm DSC_0042_wm

I used my French flower pots I made using the Mod Podge Transfer method.  I plan to make more of these down the road.  As you can see, one is filled with bright lemons for summer and the other I use for my wooden utensils so they are easily accessible when cooking.

DSC_0028_wm DSC_0062_wm

Almost all the decor in this kitchen if from the old house.  It is amazing to us and some family and friends how differently and new everything looks in this home.

DSC_0003_wm DSC_0015_wm DSC_0039_wm

My gates from the old mantle found a home in our kitchen along with some dishes I purchased  a long time ago on one of our travels in NJ.  I love the way this turned out and the boxwood wreath, another love of mine, finishes this off beautifully.

DSC_0052_wm DSC_0050_wm

I have been eyeing these matts from Ballard for quite a long time, which I really like and they are machine washable.  Great with two little doxies walking all over.  I have one in front of the Range and one in front of the sink.


Our kitchen has turned out exactly as I hoped and I am so happy and feel truly blessed to have this gorgeous kitchen to cook and bake for family and friends.

DSC_0069_wm DSC_0065_wm DSC_0064_wm DSC_0056_wm DSC_0057_wm

I can’t wait to add touches of fall to this room and have the smells and baking for fall and the holidays in our home.  My, I just said holidays, they will be here before we know it, LOL.

More to come!

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