Beware this is a long one, LOL!

Now that you have seen our bookcase, fireplace, etc. I wanted to show the rest of our great room.  There is still work to be finished in the room such as, an area rug and painting my green buffet on the back wall.  I don’t care for that green in this room at all.

Our furniture pieces are from the other house.  The tables have a toile on black finish, they may not be for everyone but we really like them.  The coffee table took a very long time to find since I was rather picky about what I wanted.



On top of our coffee table, I placed a basket I purchased from PB.  On sale, free shipping and American Express points, not bad I think.  I filled this piece with some candle holders and decorating books that I enjoy.  The pedestal and dish on top, we made years ago.  It is just a spindle that John cut down for me and then I painted it a few different colors and he placed the plate on top that I had on hand.  I just threw a pomegranate and pear on top for now.  I have plans for this basket for the fall and Christmas.  Pumpkins and such, watch out, LOL.



I didn’t want to place items on the end tables since the lamps are large and I felt it would add clutter.

The pillows on the arm chairs are from Country Curtains that I purchased a few years ago and the pillows on the couches are from HG, my favorite store.  I would like to incorporate these pillows when we do recover these items.  I just love the lines of this furniture.  Furniture has gotten a bit too bulky for me so I would like to save these pieces.


The footstools I purchased from Décor Steals.  After living with them for a few weeks I think I may antique the legs a bit to blend in with the rest of the room.

The wood chest in between the chairs is an old theatre trunk we purchased at a store in our travels.  We usually store some firewood inside.

The large corbel behind the chairs I purchased unfinished from Van Dykes and painted it with chalk paint and used dark wax.  I may add a bit more color over this to give it an older look.  Projects just keep popping into my head, LOL.


The large artwork on the wall over the buffet I made for our old foyer before I started blogging.  It is constructed from plywood that John had on hand, 3/4″ thickness to be exact, very heavy.  I don’t remember what base color I used since it is a bit ago.  I added plaster to stencils I had from other projects.  It was a process since each section of plaster had to dry.  This piece borders the family room, the dining room and the kitchen…so I don’t show it in the final room shot—since no peaking at these rooms just yet! 


I do not remember the paint color I started with since it was so long ago.  I do remember taking stencils I had on hand and layering them with joint compound.  I did this in steps to allow the stencils to dry so it took a few days. I then lightly sanded the stencils to take the ridges off and followed that with layering on random colors and antiquing it to finish the process.  I love this piece and think it turned our pretty well.  I receive many compliments on this piece.

I have always been proud of these accomplishments since I learned how to faux from watching Debbie Travis on HGTV years ago.

The beautiful terrarium was another Christmas gift from Audrey last year.  I have plans to display items inside for fall and Christmas.  Since fall is around the corner I decided to just put it out now.

These Mercury glass pieces I purchased from Ballard when they were on sale a few years ago. 

You will notice many items above our doorways and over the large window in this room.  All of these pieces I made before blogging too.  Many are just made from large appliques I ordered from Van Dykes placed on pieces of scrap plywood John had around from other projects.  I painted and fauxed all of them using clear glaze mixed with raw umber. 

DSC_0017_wm DSC_0015_wm DSC_0016_wm

The ivory piece over the doorway as you enter the foyer is from a leaf that we took off an old coffee table.  I coated it in plaster and added a small applique in the center which we had on hand as well as corner pieces.  I then primed the piece and used clear glaze with raw umber paint to give it an aged look.  Love it! 

I also hung our Mora clock in this room that I purchased from Amy at Maison Décor two years ago now.  I love it and adore the look.

DSC_0003 (3)_wm

There you have it, the great room.  Still a work in progress but I will keep you updated on the rug and painting of that green buffet.

DSC_0023_wm DSC_0010_wm

Next stop the kitchen!!!

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