Welcome to our home, the foyer is the place to begin.  This will be a great place for our guest s to enter and enjoy our home and I hope you agree. 


I added  our Bombay chest using the items I already had that were from other areas in our old home.  Many items are favorites, the large yellow vase I purchased at HG and added my favorite things, lavender!  Love the contrast in color.  I always have a candle in the foyer to greet everyone with a beautiful scent of home.  I chose to start with Autumn since it is quickly approaching.  Placing it on this aged terracotta pedestal adds some height and zing.  This lamp we have had for years and I can’t even remember where we got it from and I used one of my faux books from HG to elevate it, nice. 


This filigree pear is another favorite, my stepmom brought this piece back from Caroline for me. 

The picture above I had from Art.com., one of my realtors was hoping for this if I didn’t use it, sorry Judy!


I had another favorite touch to add which is, SURPRISE, a small mercury glass cloche, imagine that lavender and cloches, hmmmm.  I added a moss ball and a clay tag that I purchased from Rosemary at Villabarnes a couple years ago.  You may notice them in other small sections of the house, maybe even under another cloche.

I couldn’t wait to use my olive bucket I purchased from Décor Steals while the house was being built.  Love this piece and when I saw this I jumped on it and this will be a staple in our home décor.  I added some of my favorite pillows from HG and Etsy as well as a wonderful piece of toile fabric I had on hand from the old house.


Across from that I placed a Hitchcock chair that was my moms.  I was with her when I was little for a sidewalk sale at a furniture store that we still purchased our furniture from today when we brought this item home.  I was little but remember that day.  I sometimes want to give it a wash of paint but then I can’t bring myself to touch a great piece, even thought slightly shipped, it was moms, so a bit tough, maybe some day.  I thought this pillow was a great addition for the chair from Country Curtains.  Have you noticed a pattern, Country Curtains fan here, LOL.


The stained glass window above our coat closet, is a piece that we purchased years ago from auction on EBay.  This one made it safely, while the other one gets repaired that was damaged in the move.  I enjoy the light hitting it in this spot in the late afternoon. 


This large finial in the corner we had on our hearth in the old house and I thought it was perfect for this corner and added a pedestal I aged to give it height.


The piece you see over the doorway that takes you into our great room is from Ballard which I am sure is familiar to many of you Ballard fans.  Couldn’t pass this sign up when I bought this for John’s old office.  Shhh, I swiped this from him, LOL.


We round out with a rug I re-purposed from our other house and the medallion the ceiling which I made several for the house with a faux treatment to offer some character.


DSC_0005_wm DSC_0011_wm DSC_0012_wm DSC_0014_wm

I hope you enjoyed the place to enter into our wonderful new home.  We are so in LOVE with this home I can’t even get it across with writing.  I wake every morning happy to be here with my small family.  Stay turned for more!!!

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