It is amazing what happens when my head hits the pillow.  Many thoughts about decorating go through my brain.  I usually make decisions then for some reason.  At the end of the post, you’ll see what I mean.

John and I purchased this mirror many years ago at a craft festival in Northern New Jersey.  The tin is salvaged from Detroit and when we purchased it the piece was painted this color green.


If I remember correctly, it was painted a color from when Martha Stewart had a large line of paints with Sherwin Williams.  I have to admit I was somewhat surprised that it was painted since they are old tin, just my opinion.

I had this mirror in my possession while at Audrey’s but was not motivated to tackle making a change while staying there.  It is hard to be creative when not in your own space, you know???  So, a week ago I decided to make that change.  I chose Graphite by ASCP for  my choice.  Once I painted that and let it dry, I thought it was to perfect and decided Old Ochre would be my next move.  I had a sample, watered it down and painted a coat on top.  I rubbed it into the Graphite and loved the appearance it gave, almost a wrought iron affect.  I then took it a step further and mixed our dining room wall color with clear glaze from Lowes and thought, why not add a light coat to the top, wipe the excess off and when it dries I will get the look of a bit of rust on the tin.  And I have to say, I am very happy with the way this turned out in the end.

DSC_0006_wm DSC_0008_wm DSC_0011_wm

Please excuse the smudges, I forgot to clean the glass before snapping a picture, LOL. (and there’s a little secret in the reflection 🙂 )

DSC_0002 (3)_wm

I am planning on putting it on our dining room table as soon as we can  see the table top, LOL.  For some reason we chose this place to hold the pieces I was not going to use while decorating the house for now.  These items will be stored away for me to make changes around the house as time goes by.

I’m planning to use a large gorgeous cloche placed on the glass.  Stay tuned for that post to take place sooner rather than later!!!

I also made the decision last night not to go bold with the chairs in the kitchen.  I will like that for a week and have to paint the chairs again.  No way, would I want to do that, chairs are a pain to paint!!  So a straw, gold color it will be with either glaze or wax.  Stay tuned down the road.

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