Hello everyone, the weather has been fantastic in NJ and I am having a VERY hard time keeping Peanut and Reeses indoors, LOL!!

I am going to be posting about the new house very soon, I PROMISE!!

I have many plans to paint pieces of furniture in the house.  As I have mentioned, some just don’t work with the color scheme on the walls.

Here is where I need your vote; I love my toile curtains in our kitchen it’s my favorite combination of all, so they will not be changing any time soon.  I am planning to paint the chairs minus the seat.  I was thinking of going with a chalk paint that brings out the red in the curtains and aging them with wax or a glaze combination. Here is a picture of the curtain, chair and chair pad. 

DSC_0016_wm DSC_0018_wm DSC_0021_wm

Making this decision is hard for me, I won’t and don’t have the guts to make this one on my own, SAD, maybe, but that is the fact.  The table will stay the same and if I choose to paint the chairs bold I need to paint this cabinet.  I won’t like the contrast and that is no big deal.  That would be Coco or a taupe of some fashion, also in chalk paint.

DSC_0001 (2)_wm DSC_0002 (2)_wm

So ladies, give me your opinion, do I go bold or play it safe with a brown paint on the chairs or a black of some sort?

Thanks for the help and opinions.