Hi everyone, things are really coming along in the house.  Hanging the curtains is next.  Since we had to leave all our rods at the old house I’m purchasing new rods now and then things will start getting hung.

I figure, when I am finished, it won’t be that long until I have to start decorating for fall, LOL.

I wanted to share with you the area we built especially for Peanut, Reeses and Momma.  This is the best money we have spent thus far.  Let me introduce you to the puppy run.  It is filled with 20 tons of stone and faux grass.  This way no more destroying the lawn and momma doesn’t have to take them on a leash anymore to do their business…just open the kitchen door and Viola!  All fenced in safe and sound.

IMG_20140710_123800_wm IMG_20140710_124100_wm

Reeses, I knew, was going to be my outdoor pup.  He loves it and wants to be out there every minute.  They have discovered they love following dragonflies, watching bumble bees and flies zooming around their heads.  Daddy has even purchased them balls to play with and chase after.



They enjoy sunning and rolling on the grass.  BUT NOT BRINGING THE BALL BACK YET lol


The grass is truly amazing, it looks and feels like the real thing.  Momma has the enjoyment of picking up their poop again too.  With the brace I am able to walk around and play with them and scoop the poop.

Their cousins Bend and Sprout came to visit and they love it too.  The four of them were anxiously waiting for the door to open so they would be able to play.


This shot of Reeses was taken when he wanted to go outside and play and momma said it was time for her to finish decorating the bookcase.  He wasn’t very happy.