Hello everyone, I hope I find everyone well!!  Things have been quite hectic.  We have sort of found new routines and have gotten the million boxes unpacked. My email that I use for the blog has been down for a bit.  John, my IT man, had to get things straightened out.  I couldn’t receive any emails, I am sure I missed some great posts.

Before I start getting into the details, I thought I would share a little information about Cynthia.  That is my given name and I thought I would use that for blogging but it is just not working for me.  I have been called Cindy all of my life and Cindy is what I will be using from now on.  I felt as though I should give it a try, I did and it doesn’t fit me at all.  I am very approachable, I must say perky so I have been told, and very chatty and friendly, so Cindy it is, LOL.

Be prepared this is a long one!

The move, where do I start, we moved in a week later than expected.  For many, you would say, you waited that long what is an extra week??  Well, that is the point, we waited SO LONG, the extra week was a killer.  You know, how it works, you get it in your brain that you are FINALLY getting into your home, getting settled and it made me a bit unhappy, John would say that the word unhappy really didn’t describe how I felt.  What made it even harder was, our furniture and boxes were in the house but we were not.  CO’s are a real pain to wait for, especially in our new town. We are living here with no CO still, but things have to be finished on the outside.  The rules have changed so much over the years.  So, while we were going to the house to check on things and couldn’t stay, there was all our furniture we haven’t seen in a year!!

The week before we moved in we went to the house and Peanut and Reeses got to see our furniture and smell like crazy.  I put them on the couch they always sit on and it was cute.  They were smelling and smelling, and just plopped next to me and fell asleep, HEAVEN for them.  They have adjusted well, I am thrilled with that for sure and they have realized, hey, we can really follow momma everywhere.  When I say all over, I mean all over, they even came in the bathroom with me when I took a shower the other day, PRICELESS!!  They were watching everything I was doing, you know, shaving your legs, using my Clarisonic on my face.  It was very cute and a bit odd at the same time, ya know???

The unhappy moment struck when we found some furniture broken and Cindy was VERY UNHAPPY to say the least.  I really went sort of, well, ballistic, not too pretty.  An antique chair that a girl I knew a while back, sold me the chairs.  The chairs are antiques from Turkey and the caning was damaged.  The chair itself is fine but John worked very hard putting new backs and seats on them.  The back, off the chair, off.  Again, very unhappy and then the rattan on our coffee table is separated from the top.  Another coffee table, the leg is broken, the back of one of the wing back chairs that was recovered a few years ago is separating from the chair.  One of the bedroom dressers that I painted and fauxed before blogging, paint scrapped off to the bare wood on the legs.  Yes, the painting process was done correctly with primer done first.  The one item we discovered that was damaged is an antique stained glass window that John bought me as a gift.  At least the moving company found an artisan to repair the damage.  Carelessness makes me very angry, when one has a job, do it with pride and correctly.

DSC_0041_wm DSC_0036_wm

I sent an email to the owner of the moving company.  A furniture repair man is coming this week to make repairs.  The paint on the furniture, I will have to fix and that annoys me because this was a huge undertaking and was perfect, well to us.  It will be a task to fix this spot because I want it to blend well, so I am a little nervous about getting it just right.

The boxes, as I said, millions, was quite overwhelming for me.  John has been a great help and assured me things would get finished. Things are finally unpacked and things are in their place.  I have been having a blast getting the rooms decorated.  I must admit once we started unpacking, it was like Christmas seeing all of our items again.  I am thinking of showing things in snippets so things will be noticed.

Things I have learned, DON’T be expecting too much if you are building a home in the winter.  The weather can really be a problem if you get hit with a bad winter as we did.  Don’t expect everything to be done right away, something I am still not good at, to take deep breaths and it will get done.  When they say a few weeks add a more weeks to that time frame and I mean weeks.  Things get delayed and go wrong, it is just how it is, I guess.

The one thing I can say without hesitation is, I LOVE OUR HOME!!!!  I am in love with everything we chose and I really wouldn’t change a thing.  It screams us and is our taste from top to bottom.  The workmanship is perfect, the woodworking, the painting, tiling and the hardwood floors. Hardwood floors, well that was one more problem, we hired cleaning people to come in and get rid of the big dirt.  John thought this would help me out getting started, NOT.  They moved our furniture around and guess what, they scratched the hardwood floors so badly, that pushed us back.  So, you think we both went a BIT CRAZY, well, that would be CORRECT!!! They had to be sanded and stained again.  When I say scratched, I mean scratched big time.  What a fantastic man did the floors, he worked on the 4th of July, yes the 4th of July.  He returned two days later to finish because things had to dry.  They look even more beautiful than the first time.

Hang in their girls There will be many posts to come.  I already have a project or two in my head, LOL.